Saturday, November 17, 2007

WSC- day 2

Day 2 dawned, and I was to play with Dean Saldanha, not an easy opponent.

Game 9 vs Dean who finished 47th

I start with WOW(18), keeping 2 Ss. Dean replies with JEW(14) followed by an exchange of tiles. I continue scoring well with OHS(34), CIG(23) and AYES(40) atop his nice RELIEVO(68).. Dean changes yet again later while I rush ahead with OSTIATE(75) which Dean held briefly. But Dean bingoes with MATIlDA(74) while I DEEITTQ and put down TIED(27). I hold on to the Q for a few turns, and finally get rid of it in SQUAIL(35). Close to the end I hold EGIPOV? and play TAV, leaving 1 in the bag. I pick an R and bingo out with PiEROGI(81).

W 482-328

Game 10 vs Patrick (Kenya) who finished 6th

Patrick opens with the unassuming AVA(12). I have AAGENKU and play KAGU(21). Patrick fishes off the Y for 10 points and bingoes next with SODAINE(78), missing a better bingo. REEARNED(63) followed by ROSINATE(69) get me back into the thick of things. A series of high-scoring plays from me- FIX(58), CHARD(40) and ZEA(40) increase my lead to 80. Patrick then gets a double-blank bingo- lITERaL(75) but I have the tiles at the end to win narrowly.

W 435-419

Game 11 vs adam Philpotts who finished 51

Open with FOXY(34) while Adam overlaps BIMA(30) atop. I take the lead with TENPINS(73) next. Adam has ADMOTT? and phonies with STOMATeD. I choose to block MATTOiDS to play safe while Adam has to play TOM(25). I phony with CARAPE* next while Adam narrows the gap with IKAT(42). But later I get SCAURIES(83+5) and FRESHETS(92+5), as well as ELOINEd(79) to win easily. Adam only has PRELOADs(72).

W 500-349

Game 12 vs Nigel who finished 1st

My win against Adam has brought me to 4th and I face nigel next on table 1 to be annotated for the first time ever. I have STAGIEsT(82), AIRBOAT(74), AWN(45) and JEU(47) to his HEROISE(85) and ANOTHER(75) to win narrowly.

W 432-408

Game 13 vs Joel Wapnick who finished 4th

Open with JEW(26) and rush ahead with FREITIER(94) next turn. Joel has ENORmOUs(70) and ERMINES(76), but I have LEAPT(30), REALISTS(70), EH(36) and even ZOOT(48+5). Surprised to see Joel challenge ZOOT. It seems that many of the american players aren't that good on the Collins words- even Tim challenged NAS. However my ZOOT gives him an easy ZEBU(45). He has a late SCANTIER but I have good enough tiles to win. This is my 9th straight win in a row.

W 500-473

Game 14 vs Jighere who finished 3rd

Open with LAW/AERT. Jighere bingos with OLIVInES(63). Jighere is also one of the most defensive players I have played. He plays to close the board down, and will slowly block every opening if he is leading. Another extremely blocked game. I made several openings only to see them being blocked quickly.

L 340-369

Game 15 vs Ganesh who finished 2nd

I start with UPLAY(28) while Ganesh plays GUM(17) and CREEPERS(64). 2 turns later, I get ROTENONE(64) only to see him play BAKERIES atop for 124. I attempt to narrow the gap with WIZ(44), BAIRDS(26) and VULN(34) but it is quite futile as he plays CHOOSES(68) and REcITINg(74) later for a large win. Not much chance here.

L 357-551

Game 16 vs Edward who finished 13th

Edward is one of the fastest opponents in the room. I score consistently again with HUB(21), WOO(31), GAZAL(35) and BoYSIER(79) to his GOATIEr(68). ANTACID(70) from me, followed by OX(48) several turns later make for an easy win.

W 421-339

Pleased to finish the day joint 6th. We venture down to the Indian restaurant again for some more delicious food After that I meet up with Adrian for 2 games of scrabble. I won the first one handily but lose the next one.

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