Sunday, September 23, 2007


Lunch at expo's food court:
Beef fried rice ($4) with carrot, lettuce, egg and black beans. Rice is soft and fluffy and quite tasty. 7/10

After that, I headed for Orchard and by my powers of persuasion managed to convince Cheah to come over. We went to a cafe just outside Takashimaya for a drink. I had a mango lassi ($5) which is an interesting concoction of mango, yoghurt, milk and honey. It is very thick but not as sweet as it seems. 6.5/10 Cheah talks about WYSC issues and tiramisu recipes.

Alas, my powers of persuasion weren't great enough, and Cheah left early at 6 to go back to nap, due to lack of coffee. And when I asked him why he didn't have coffee, he said it would be too strong for him.

Dinner at Wisma's food court: Spaghetti with cream sauce and grilled fish ($5.80). This one was quite delicious. The sauce is tasty and goes well with the fish and spaghetti. Fish was rather well done too, quite good value indeed. 8/10

Cream puff for $2 from Beard papa in the basement. The cream puff craze started here some time agao but has since died down. It is still extremely popular in Japan though. It is still a very tasty snack- the pastry is crispy, while the vanilla filling is very good.

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