Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Started off the day with breakfast at Bedok Market- I had wanton mee from this recently opened stall- it was fairly tasty with the chili. The noodles were soft and full of flavour but the roast pork was just so-so. Service however was slow- waited over 10 mins even though there just a few pple in front. 7/10

We then headed over to the Botanic gardens for a walk:

Before stopping at the food court there for lunch. The picture doesn't look too appetizing, but it's actually more tasty than it appears. The beancurd is very soft and melts in your mouth, while the egplant and sweet and sour pork and well-seasoned and tasty. Very reasonably priced at $3.

Then I drop by at Borders where I read up on French cuisine and other stuff ( France has more cheeses than days in the year and there are over 35000 bakeries in Paris.)

After that, I head over to Venezia at Takashimaya's basement for ice-cream- 2 scoops of hazelnut and dark chocolate icecream for $4.20- which is fairly reasonable compared to $7.90 at haagen Dasz for similar quantity. The dark chocolate is quite rich and the hazelnut generally quite nice with bits of hazelnuts, but lacking the extra kick. Should have opted for a more interesting combination, like lemon and mint chocolate. 7.5/10

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Looks appetizing :)