Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Penang report -part 1

So it was another fun tourney, won by Ganesh yet again. Ganesh started the tourney with 14 straight wins and only dropped 2 games to Nigel in the KOTH rounds. He was drawing extremely well again like in Causeway- quoting from Andrew's blog here "Ganesh snared both blanks and four S’s in our game, and although he didn’t quite get this game his tile-picking spree continued throughout the event – he had eight blanks out of ten against Australia by the end of play, and an amazing 100% of the S’s, and it was a similar story against the rest of the field."

The field this year mainly consisted of Singaporeans and Malaysians, and i managed to play 3 Malaysians who I hadn't played before- Leroy, Gan Yi En and Kong. I also played some fun words- MYC%, MOFO%  .. Also the 9-timer of LAMITERS for 158 against Leroy in the 1st game. But overall the tiles were below average- 16/40 blanks and 36/80 Ss, despite above average JQXZ. I actually was the leading S'porean by the end of day 2, in 4th place, but was overtaken by Tony and Cheah on the final day who had 5-1 records ( Cheah lost only to me and Tony to Ganesh). Only 3/12 blanks on the final day- but with a decent number of power tiles. Ending up 7th was fairly disappointing, considering I would have been 4th had I won the last game. Cheah wasn't playing too well either, missing CEEINQRU among other stuff. Suanne climbed up, winning 5 games too to stay in contention for the WSC.

The situation now is quite interesting- Suanne's ranked 2nd with vannitha 15 pts behind, follwed by Aaron 58 pts behind and Henry 19 pts behind Aaron. I hope Suanne goes.

The food was decent too- apart from the meals provided, we dined at the hotel's Japanese restaurant, an Italian restaurant just down the road, a Chinese restaurant and had coffee and hot chocolates after dinner.

Thanks to dianne, Yen nee, Cheah and Henry for their company and Michael for organizing the efficient transport both ways. More details on the games later.

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