Friday, August 31, 2007

Penang final report

The last day of the tourney. 6 KOTH rounds were to be played today. Ganesh was still 3 wins clear of the field, followed by Nigel and vannitha with 11 wins each. It was crucial that I beat vannitha as she was already 2 wins ahead. After a quick breakfast we head up to the playing room.

Game 15 vs Vannitha. I open with DIETED/I. She replies with QUERN(36), which I reply with JIVED(32) and CIG(25). Again she bingoes first with EVASIOn(83), but I have ROPIER(33) and SERAFILE(82) 2 turns later to naroow the gap. She scores well wtih RIZ(33), TIMED(39). PYX(41) and TORCH(35) and later I reach the following position :

The bag is empty. I spend quite some time on this move and fashion an easy out in 2 to win. But I missed the superior MENTO/GO which limits her scoring and leaves an easier out. I could have lost if vannitha had at least 1 vowel. I note that Vannitha's endgame is weak as later she missed an easy out-in 2 win against Tony.

W 407-395 Equity loss:56 Best moves:5/13

Game 16 vs Vannitha. Vannitha again as she is still leading. Ganesh has just lost to Nigel, surprisingly. She opens with another blank bingo- LOADINg(66), not going for maximum points. I have CEFMNPY and play COMFY(30), best but draw 3 Es and play EPEE(24). The unhandy Q comes along which I play off in QI(11). Later I get down SNORTED(65) but the board is getting more and more blocked while she still keeps a steady lead. At the end, I attempt to open the board up but she cleverly closes it. I settle for a late EXtANT(43) and lose narrowly..

L 380-391 Equity loss:22 best moves:10/15

Game 17 vs Cheah- Open with QI/BEEIV. Cheah plays the extremely defensive IF below. I change and play DELATES/QIS (74) to his NAIF. Then Cheah bingoes with COmPLINE(74), but missing many superior bingos through the T which would have blocked by APHOLA(T)E (102+5). Steady scoring from me- JUVE(48), NIM(31), XI(40) give me a comfortable lead. Then I try KIROROS*( chee meng's ISC username) I am surprised to see that it is invalid. Dang.. Cheah gets REMASTER(80) to pull close but I run away with TROWS(31), ZEIN(45) and GLUNCHES(32). At the end he bingoes with ABORiGINE(61) giving me a place for SNORTED(94) (played SNORTED earlier too!!) when he could have just played BRAVOING.

W 550-407 Equity loss:45 best moves:8/13

Game 18 vs John- A great game, the coffe I had earlier also helped. I have MOrTICER(86), XU(38), FENURON(75+5), ACIDOSES(76), LOZEN(34) to his ANTIDORA(65) and REELiNG(73). At the end I phony with QIVUIT- he doesn't challenge and adds an S to it. But I still win big anyway.

W526-390 Equity loss:49 Best moves:6/13

Game 19 vs Tony- Ranked 4th now with a 12-6 record. and I am matched with Tony next. He opens with ZIP(28) and a really blocked board develops which I can't do much about. I get a late EARLIES(85) only to see him bingo out with YEARNERs(72)..

L 371-508 Equity loss:49 Best moves:6/14

Game 20 vs Cheah- Another important game- Cheah opens with GAUGE(16) while I have the lousy DFKLRTW to reply. I settle on TURF(15) while Cheah plays LOGGiEST(72), missing a better bingo to the TWS. The scores are really close till the end- my WOLFED(37), DATA(34), VEX(26) , STATUES(73), HENCE(39) and HAO(45) to his UNIQUER(209), MY(28), ZINC(30) etc. At the end, with 1 S among 11 unseen tiles, I choose not to block the bingo line for a miserable 3 points only to see him bingo out. I actually missed a clever 6-letter setup which would have had very good chances. Sigh.

L 374-414 Equity loss:23 Best moves:8/11

So the tourney has ended and Ganesh has won it again, with 18 wins. I drop to 7th, winning RM300. The Singapore contingent didn't do too badly with 3 of its 5 players in the top 10. I hope to finish in the top 3 next year.

That night, we venture to an Italian rstaurant down the road with Henry, Dianne, Cheah and yen nee for the set dinner (RM30++). I had a starter of scallop salad, soup, main course of salmon and dessert which was a long tray of tiramisu, fruit salad and ice cream. I found the
salmon too soupy- the chicken would have been a much better choice. And after dinner we went back to the same place as the previous night- I had a strawberry milkshake(RM8.80) which was really large and creamy.

Later we find out that Tony missed several bingoes against Ganesh- ?AAELMNV and DIIIFNV? which could have altered things.


Record:12-8 +626
Ave. score: 445-414


Ave. EQ loss: 48 pts


alpha22 said...

Vannitha can win with GLiBS right? Or am I mistaken.

jkqxz said...

Quite surprised that u thought my isc handle is a valid word! I borrowed it from the name of a Jap pop group.

Checked LexPert and found that there is a anagram for KIRORO? though. Maybe u can use it in ur next tournament?