Monday, August 06, 2007

JG winner's report

So I won again, after 3 tourneys of not winning anything.. It was really close at the top- and anything short of a substantial win over Tony would have meant that Cheah would win. I am suprised to see JP who is usually quite inactive.

Game 1 vs Cheah- Quite surprised to draw Cheah in the first round, as it usually doesn't happen. I open with PRIEF(28) keeping CW, while Cheah plays NOON(15) atop.I hold CEIIOUW, not terribly nice and play WICE/PRIEFE(23). I follow it up with QUOD(45), PIC(28) and VIOLIN(26) to his IDANT(22) and WAW(30). Then I get down IDEATES(87) followed by KARNS(58), bringing me ahead by 150. Cheah appears to have a lack of vowels, i surge ahead with ROYALETS(62) and FUGLE(22+5), not expecting the challenge. Later I play ISOHYEt(69) to lead 473-200. But Cheah has AGLRTU? and later bingoes out with GUTTUrAL (64). My biggest win against Cheah so far.

W 528-302

Game 2 vs Tony- I have EGOOPSS to open and choose GOOPS instead of POGOS, for defense. He only has IVY(15). I play COVERT(22) keeping 2 Ss, while Tony scores mediocrely. On the 4th turn, I have BFLSUU? and choose not to play BUSFULS* and get down UNLoADS(77) next turn. Tony soon comes back with RAGOUTS(73). Later I play JAG, hoping to play JAGA later. Tony has the A but doesn't spot the hook, allowing me JAGA/MATERIEl(92), giving me a decent lead. But he plays BOK(41) while I hold EIINOOT and EHINORT, just maintaining a very small lead. At the end, I have the bingo prone DEEINRT which doesn't play. I choose to play DINE(R) to go ahead by 20. I am surprised to pick QUIZ which gives me the firepower to win.

W 413-375

Game 3 vs Yen nee- Yen Nee opens with HAVEN(30), keeping the blank as she said later, while I have AAFLRUY and play FAY(28) followed by AURAL(12) and HAJ(39) to her DEPRIVe(79). I hold BEEIORU and have to play ROQUE(28), followed by VIBE(18) while she exchanges 4. Then I get down TROTLINE for a measly 62 points, still trailing 207-230, but follow up with MISLIKE(90), neutralized again by her ZEAS(54). Her late sOOTIER(79) almost seals the game. At the end I mistakenly phony SOO/OX(54) and lose by 27.

L 388-415

Game 4 vs Guo Cong- Guo Cong opens well with QOPHS(58) followed by ANGIOMAS(89), to my JIB(35), and CALL(20). I finally close the gap with the 4-timer DUSTIER/CALLS (89), but he rushes ahead with DIVOT(18) and vANTAGES(70). However I score well- ZEX(40), DAINE(28+5) after his DERATInG(62). At this point I am trailing by 100 but a series of high-scoring plays, FEW(34), ATELIER(78), WISP(51) see me win narrowly. Guo Cong would have won if he hadn't challenged my word. Phew.

W 467-464

Game 5 vs Marlon- I am more than ready to play Marlon. I open well with ZAKAT(56), while he plays CLICK(15). HOX(38) and CLY(12) give me a good lead. On turn 5, I get GEnTIER(73) to lead by 80. The game is close until he bingoes with STINGED(86), but I reply with OVERrAN(83), and follow up with EYELIAD(74) and BARNIEST(68+5) to win.

W 534-383

Game 6 vs JP- JP opens with CHORD(28). I hold DGHSUUX and play DOUX(28), which is best but miss EGHLPSU the next turn. However I play TELOSES(71+5) next to take the lead. JP gets down EQUIPEs(89), but I have FI(L)ARIAS(79+5) to lead narrowly. The endgame is close until I pick the blank. Howver the game isn't won yet as the pool is still bingo-friendly. I choose the most defensive bingo, TOLIDINE (70). he has EIMNRST but can't play any bingo. I win by 35, including the 20 pt time penalty.

W 425-390

Game 7 vs Andy- Despite drawing the blank on the first turn, it is with mediocre tiles- IKLRUV?, IITTRV? and ABITTW?. Andy scores with wINCES(50) and PENTAD(35). By the 4th turn, i am down 69-135 already. I play BLiTHEST(64) just to draw level, but he plays TORTONIS(61), missing NOTORNIS(70), while I play VID(21), GROVE(30) followed by PLEATING(67). His AMIDONES(74), IXORA(62) and JIZ(35) are more than enough

L 344-495

The situation now is quite interesting. After 7 games, 4 players are on 5 wins and could win the tourney. The spreads are all very close. So for the last game I am paired with Tony..

Game 8 vs Tony- A great start- ACIDEST(76), followed by JAY(26) and AGENETIC(72) to his HEIL(26) and DEF(24). XI(51) extends my lead. Later Tony opens up a spot for my DILATOR(71), which I follow up with HOStELS(94) 2 turns later, with 4 overlaps. This is countered by his GROUSErS(77), just to reduce the spread. At the end, tony has the Q, but sets up an outplay which I fail to block, costing me some 63 pts of spread. But he still racks up 20 pts of overtime penalties.

W 507-386

This timely win vaulted me up to first by virtue of spread. Cheah beat Yen Nee by just a bit, fortunately.

Record: 6-2 +395

Bingos: 22-12 (2.75- 1.5)
Ave. score: 451-401
Total moves: 103-103

Ave. moves per game: 12.88-12.88
Ave. score per move: 35.0- 31.1



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