Thursday, August 16, 2007


Resurrecting the close endgame against tony in the July mini which I scraped through by 1 pt. Play was far from perfect. In the position below the scores are tied at 381 and the bag is empty, Tony's turn to play. Can u find the winning moves?
Answers far below.

Bonus question: Spot the 2 unchallenged phonies on the board.

P.S Blog visits are at another all-time low of 15 a day. Sigh.

Tony has several winning moves here, all of which he failed to spot.

- CLERGY b3 32 413
KANEH 13e 46 427
OU 1n 8 421+ 4 425

This doesn't win, but it might as I didn't see KANEH. Tony played GIRNEL for just 8 pts to block a potential HANK(46), but overlooking the many other high-scoring plays I have -KOI m7 (35), or KHI c2 (36)

- GREY 13f 33 414

This should be the winning move - Tony can go out with LOU m6 (19) or CLOU(12) to win easily even after my 40 pt play. GIRNEL just didn't score enough.


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Clergy does win, you forgot to add 4 from your leftover