Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yet another reason not to trust quackle-

Look carefully at the position below.

I have a decent bingo-sized lead. There is only 1 main bingo line along row 2- A-GUE (There is also another from the E of AGUE, but that is insignificant) After 3000 iterations, quackle favours FREAK/AGUE (35). i don't quite agree with this move as 1) it opens the TWS for a potential bingo or comeback score 2) keeps IJ, an asynergistic leave So why not JAK or JAKE, which is what I played? JAK extends the lead to nearly 100 pts and denies the opponent of both TWS. It also keeps a much nicer leave of EIRF. The bag is quite consonant heavy- 9/31 vowels, perhaps the chance of a comeback is small.

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Henry Yeo said...

it just likes the score, get over it.