Monday, July 02, 2007


Had a long day yesterday, winning only 1 in the morning but winning the last 3 games to come back to 4th. Just finished analysing all my games and it seems I couldn't have done much. Had 2 close games against Andy and Tony, winning by 5 and 1 respectively. Missed just 1 bingo and lost just 30 eq. pts a game (excluding the phonies YOLDS* and BREADERS). I also played my 500th game, which was a resounding win over Yen Nee, with 3 bingos, TITIANS, PERIGONE and TARWHINE with big plays JnANA(57) and ZABRA(50). I still reckon that Marcus and Guo Cong are overrated- Marcus missed ACGHILNT and ALORRST.

Record: 4-4 +80
Ave. score: 432-422
Ave moves a game: 12.38
Ave. score per move: 34.9- 34.0
Bingos: 17-18 (2.13-2.25 )



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