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King's Cup report- part 2

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Day 2 soon came, and it was to be another long day. 8 games were to be played, starting from 11, in sets of 2, 3 and 3 games. After a breakfast of toast and scrambled eggs, we depart for the venue at 10.30. The players start to come in and the games get under way quickly. For the sixth game, I am matched against Amnuay, who is also busy helping to run the tourney. Amnuay opens with CURIA(20), while I hold EEIPTU? and play PREUnITE(64), missing a superior bingo to the C. He quickly replies with FADER/PREUNITED (50) which I challenge to be sure. The next few moves are quite uneventful and the score is 260-208 to me after the ninth turn. On the tenth I get Se(T)TLORS (66) to strengthen the lead. I end up winning by 109.

After defeating Amnuay, I earn a match with Thitipol, another relatively new Thai player. He starts with the fishy LI for 4 points, while I quickly play VANiTAS(65), which was quickly challenged. He replies with MEANIES(20) while I play CORM(30), (IN)TWINED (39) and OXO(26) to maintain a lead. Later I get down SpOILING(68) to seal the game. He failed to draw the last tile in the bag, which I quickly pointed out to him so I could go out first.. I win 437-298.

After these 2 good wins, I am quite pleased to be ranked 4th overall, with a record of 6-1 +656. Komol is still topping the leaderboard, with 6 wins and a higher spread.

The players are paired again and now I get Tony, Komol and Thacha at table 1. I am indeed pleased to be playing at Table 1 for the first time so far. Against IKomol, the eventual finalist, I start with IIINNNY and change IINNY, missing a slightly better NINNY. He opens with DOURAH(28). I have AEEIINQ and play EQUINE(26), which sims best. Komol races ahead with THROB(44) while I plonk down the first bingo, OARIEST/DOURAHS(79), to which he plays RAJA(37). I have AKNNTTU and am pleased to play the double-double NUN(A)TAK (44) which scores well. Sure enough he challenges. A few turns later, he bingoes with DECRyING(86) to lead 260-237. But I have AACEOS? and reply with ARACEOuS(72) to lead by 40. After a few turns, this is the position:

I play LOD d6 (20), setting up ALOD, but unfortunately he comes back with (D)ERIVING (92). On hindsight, I probably should have blocked the TWS with OD a2 (15) or similar. He empties the bag, and I hold AILSSTW with no playable bingo. I end up losing a close game 413-450.

I play Tony next and open strongly with ZONER(48). He replies with DJIN(26) followed by CLIVERs(77) to take the lead. He phonies with PRUHA, missing its anagram and the scores are very close after. Later I get down REENLIST (77) while he tries to create openings on a blocked board. At the end, I wrongly play DENOTE(12) to empty the bag in an attempt to block the bingo lines, only to see him go out with DeNARII (85) with 5 overlaps. Lose 411-430.

Next up is Thacha, the WYSC 2006 rep who seems to get everything at the right time. He opens with ECU(10) but , fplays TASTERS(70) next, folowed by GLOVER(24) and KAZOO(44). I play BROOD(24), intending to partially block the S hook of KAZOO, but ironically giving him EVANIsH(101), which wouldn't play otherwise. I reply with GUNTERS(73), still 110 down. He plays FAYED(36), PEONY(48), PRISM(24) and AX(56) while I get down ABOITEAU to the U for 74, only for him to play QUILT(78). I draw the last blank and play it off in HERaLDIC(74), blocking his SEROTINE, but still lose 407-519.

At this point I am 6-4 +488 and there are still 3 games to go. We then have a much needed coffee break, with drinks and tuna/ ham and cheese sandwiches provided.

After the break, I play Charae, another young Thai. An exciiting game follows. I change on the first rack but play 3 bingos in succession after. I end up playing 4 bingoes to his 3. The score is close until the end, but my flexible last rack of DENOOR gives me the advantage to win. He has ABBCGVX and can't do very much. I win 507-470.

The final position:

(click to enlarge)

Taewan S is next. I open woith VROUW(30), keeping SZ, while he plays QUEEN(28) I draw EITOP and play POETIZ(E)S (91) next. Later I get IMBRAsT(86), SEXY(44) and a satisfying VILIFIES(65) to lead by 180. However he plays TRIpEDAL(74) , blocking my bingo with AEGNORT from the T. I mistrack at the end, allowing him to bingo out, but still win by 50.

For the last game, I play Charnwit, who is ranked 3rd in Thailand at the moment. However, I still have yet to find his play impressive. I open with TWIRLY/R(32). With a surfeit of vowels, I play LIE(12) and RUDIE(16) while he bingoes first with ASSERTED(68). Later I get down a nice bingo of BACkLIFT through the L for 90 points, but he counters with DEPiCTS(67) followoed by AXITE(60). I have MOZE(57) but am still trailing. At the end, I hold EHJMPTV to his AGILNU and lose narrowly. The J is playable for only 10 points.

So, for day 2- I have a disappointing 4-4 +162 record, despite playing 17 bingoes to 10, dropping to 18th place, but on the bright side it means easier matchups on the next day.

At the end of the 2nd day, I have already played 11 thais in 13 games ! Definitely not as international as I expected. It is already 8 pm by the time the games end and we adjourn to the food court in the next building- again, rather mediocre food- the duck rice was cold and rather unappetizing, as was several other dishes.

Check this out- Panupol, Nawadapol, Atitrtuh, Thacha and several other Thais are playing in the player's championships in Ohio in August.

Stay tuned for more.

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alex tan ken seng said...

Charnwit is not impressive because his No. 3 rating is for the American wordlist.