Saturday, April 21, 2007

Friday's activities and 2 puzzles

Another busy day- went to the HDB club at 5pm to squeeze in 2 Collins games against Li wei and Weibin. Collins was again quite unuseful to me- only played PAV% and ALF%, still no Collins bingos in 5 real life games, but none for my opponents either. Lose by about 40 to Liwei- mediocre early racks- ADKNQSV (KAVA, 20), then change 6, then SOUTERLY(62). He has cheap scoring plays like DAZE(42) and REJOIN(69), and the easy bingos LAIRIESt(74) and EXTRaITS(78) to my LINEMAN(75). Didn't play any collins stuff this game.

Against Weibin- I start with h8 BIRTH/LN, quickly regretting as he gets QUEER/QI(55) atop. I probably would have played the h4 position in a tourney anyway, just to play safe. I hold EELLNNO and can't do much. He phoneys LECTURAL* and I play DELaTION(68) in a safe position just to deny him the needed floaters. Later I get DIORISM(73) followed by ZONKS(36) to which he replies with TOASTIE(85) to pull within 30. I play PAV(20) to block but he continues the scoring with ENOUGH(31) while I start fishing with NURL/EINRS(6) and WIVER(11). He bingoes with FATIGuED(86) on the penultimate turn, drawing the last 6 tiles but I bingo out with RESUPINE(62+5), missing SPENDIER% for 149! End up winning 414-400.

Cheah turns up soon after and we head to Crystal Jade restaurant, a short walk away with Liwei, wb and Andy. It is fully packed as usual. We get seated by 7.45 after a short wait and the food comes by 8pm. There is continuous talk about new Collins words and other unimportant matters. I quickly finish my shrimp dumpling noodles, having to rush off to another gathering near Somerset.

I join in a KFC feast of sorts at 11pm - original chicken, popcorn chicken, coleslaw, whipped potatos, winglets and some other goodies and a large slice of delicious Oreo cheesecake. I don't get back until nearly 12.30 am.

On a separate note, I solved the weekend Today's super sudoku for the first time.. Satisfaction indeed...

Missed a nice play here, and yes, it's collins-only. Hint: computer-related

Next move against liwei- another nice move, but not in the more obvious spot..


alpha22 said...

I see PIQUING in the 2nd puzzle. Nothing for the first though.

Henry Yeo said...

PAGEVIEW is in collins, i believe.