Saturday, April 28, 2007


Scheming quackle attempts to set up a high-scoring play but it is foiled easily. Of course I don't play TOYS which leaves me with an unplayable V.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

some anagrams

Just for fun here are some existing words with Collins solutions.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Friday's activities and 2 puzzles

Another busy day- went to the HDB club at 5pm to squeeze in 2 Collins games against Li wei and Weibin. Collins was again quite unuseful to me- only played PAV% and ALF%, still no Collins bingos in 5 real life games, but none for my opponents either. Lose by about 40 to Liwei- mediocre early racks- ADKNQSV (KAVA, 20), then change 6, then SOUTERLY(62). He has cheap scoring plays like DAZE(42) and REJOIN(69), and the easy bingos LAIRIESt(74) and EXTRaITS(78) to my LINEMAN(75). Didn't play any collins stuff this game.

Against Weibin- I start with h8 BIRTH/LN, quickly regretting as he gets QUEER/QI(55) atop. I probably would have played the h4 position in a tourney anyway, just to play safe. I hold EELLNNO and can't do much. He phoneys LECTURAL* and I play DELaTION(68) in a safe position just to deny him the needed floaters. Later I get DIORISM(73) followed by ZONKS(36) to which he replies with TOASTIE(85) to pull within 30. I play PAV(20) to block but he continues the scoring with ENOUGH(31) while I start fishing with NURL/EINRS(6) and WIVER(11). He bingoes with FATIGuED(86) on the penultimate turn, drawing the last 6 tiles but I bingo out with RESUPINE(62+5), missing SPENDIER% for 149! End up winning 414-400.

Cheah turns up soon after and we head to Crystal Jade restaurant, a short walk away with Liwei, wb and Andy. It is fully packed as usual. We get seated by 7.45 after a short wait and the food comes by 8pm. There is continuous talk about new Collins words and other unimportant matters. I quickly finish my shrimp dumpling noodles, having to rush off to another gathering near Somerset.

I join in a KFC feast of sorts at 11pm - original chicken, popcorn chicken, coleslaw, whipped potatos, winglets and some other goodies and a large slice of delicious Oreo cheesecake. I don't get back until nearly 12.30 am.

On a separate note, I solved the weekend Today's super sudoku for the first time.. Satisfaction indeed...

Missed a nice play here, and yes, it's collins-only. Hint: computer-related

Next move against liwei- another nice move, but not in the more obvious spot..

Friday, April 20, 2007

A brief look at the site visitors

Of the last 100 page loads-



United KingdomUnited Kingdom



United StatesUnited States

New ZealandNew Zealand


Seems that my site does draw a fair amount of overseas visits.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

WSC in Mumbai

Looks like it's in Mumbai this year-not exactly my favorite place but not that we have a choice.


Mattel Inc. are delighted to announce that the 2007 World Scrabble
Championships will be held in Mumbai, India. I do apologise for the
delay in notification.

The venue will be the Taj President Hotel, 90 Cuffe Parade, Mumbai -
400 005, India. The tournament dates will be Friday 9 to Monday 12

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another one

Guess what quackle played.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Computer-related CSOD words

%APPS (an application program)
%ARPA ( internet domain)

What else?

Monday, April 09, 2007

JG report

I was looking forward to this tourney as it would be the last one using Sowpods. I managed to win narrowly with 5 wins and just 3 blanks for the whole day. There were also many close and hard-fought games, and several where my opponents lost the advantage by playing phonies or missing bingos. Tony's loss to Marcus on time cost him the advantage, and a good chance at finishing better.

Game 1 vs Yen Nee- Open with JIAO 8e, keeping AMI, but giving her JAZY(46). I get down MAUDLIN for a modest 66 points which quickly draws a challenge. She hooks it with MAUDLINS/VOLTS (35) which I just realized does not take S ! I have DIILRTU but the Y is in the wrong place, so DRUID it is instead. A few turns later, she plays sTIPEND(71), opening up a spot for my LAIK(35). She plays OHO to lead 206-187. I play BEANO(29) followed by INOsITE(71) to reclaim the lead. At the end, she gets down ANGARIES(80) to make the scores level at 335. I have the better tiles and initiative to win in the end.

W 422-390

Game 2 vs Andy- Start with DILL/ERN, perhaps RILLED would be better. He responds with GRIM(10). I hold CEINRSU and play SCUNGIER(65+5). He replies with CHORDS(24) and WYNS(20) while I draw BJMPQTY and make do with LYM, missing YMPT. He plays SPITTER(77). I hold EELOPQT but play TOQUE(18) instead of LEEP to block the triple-triple line. So he gets down GUARDIAN(158) next to lead by about 120. I play PRUNELl(A) next, allowing him BOOTH(60). I get RATIFIES(63) and WEXE(45) later while he tries ATAVICS*, but still lose.

L 436-474

Game 3 vs Marcus. Quite an interesting game to say the least. He starts with ZOOgELA which I quickly challenge off while I consider my options, with CENRSTU. It seems inevitable that a bingo reply is unavoidable, so I play ENCRUST(74), sure enough he comes back with ZOOgLEAE(86) but I score with A(Z)IDO (51) to retake the lead. He plays off EUOI(11), TONIC(14) and VUG(14) while I have WHIG(27), VIRGIN(22) and KEG(33). Then he bingoes with ACETINs (74), but I have VOX(46) to stay ahead. At the end, with no tiles in the bag, he has AEENRST and I hold ABELQST, leading by 91. There is a floating E and a N in first place. I could have blocked the E but it would not score and it would leave me with the Q. I play QATS(32) instead to take the sure win. He outs with SERENATE but it is insufficient to win as he is too far behind.

W 431-388

Game 4 vs Marlon- He opens strongly with SQUAB(38), I have DEEHIIN and play HIN(26). I play INDEX(26), PEE(19) versus his PAX(28) and AINE(28) before trying MIDSIZES* which gets challenged off (good without the S. ) He plays VELD(23) then CHOKERs(79) blocking my MADERIS(ED) (102). So I have to settle for SIDEARM(79) instead.. Then I play DOGY(27+5), missing a bingo AEGINORTY through EN, which I knew but wasn't looking at that spot. What a waste. Several turns later, he gets COLOrMEN(83) to lead by 90. I get down NITRILE(67) a few turns later but it is too late.

L 371-419

Game 5 vs Tony- I open with the classic QI/COONS, while he plays WINO(23) underneath. I get NOSTOCS(69) next, but change next turn. I get JIRGA(42), FADGE(27), ZANTE(48) and HELPS(41) over the next few turns to lead 270-184. Close to the end, I get down VERtIGO(66). I draw ABEHLOT, with EENRSUU? unseen. There are 2 spots, a T in 1st position and another starting with S. I decide not to block, playing HEAT(24) instead while he outs with TRUENESs(74). Curiously, there was nothing in EENRSU? starting with S.

W 432-351

Game 6 vs Tony- The first KOTH round, and it is Tony again. Tony opens strongly with ZAIRE(48), but I reply with DEXY(35). I play DADA(19) next to his VIN(20) and DOM(24) which allows me a very fitting CLARIES(87). I play YOWL(45), NEWT(35), GRAT(23) and BOATINGS(69) to his QuINIC(51) and JUPON(37). I also get LAKH by the TWS for a cool 60 pts. He gets a late BOTTlERS but is too far behind to win.

W 459-394

Game 7 vs Marlon- I play Marlon next who has just beaten Andy, by virtue of a late bingo. I start with AEIIIOS and change 5. He plays PEAZE(38) but I have SWEETIE(81), chickening out of the safer WEEPIEST. Sure enough he gets OX(55). I alternate between scoring 22 and 26 over the next 4 turns only to see him play another blank bingo, FANTeEG(77). Now I hold GIIINNU but no L for LINGUINI, so I change again. I get TAHR(47) and SURLOIN(76) to trail by 45. He scores well with DOGEAR(46) and NINJa(38) at the end.

L 380-455

Game 8 vs Marlon- Decider game. He begins with ZEE(24) with the Z on the star. I hold AEIIOSU and have to change again. He replies with a change also. I have CEIMRUV and play CUVEE(16). He responds with VARICoSE(76) . I dump MIAOU(23) while he plays off the Q for 15 points. Now I hold EIMORSX- a rack with good potential, I play off OX(45) then QUOTERS(48) while he plays DREG(31). I hold EIMRSTW and play WE(28), missing MISWRITE. However I get ORGANIST(80) to lead 266-215 and play HILLY(42) next to extend the lead. At the end, I slowly block the bingo lines and eke out a close endgame to win the game. Marlon could have won had he spotted NONaGON.

W 420-391

I am quite pleased to have won this tourney despite getting few blanks and several unbalanced racks. There were several situations where opponent blunders gave me the needed edge.

Record: 5-3 +89
Ave. score: 417-406
Bingos: 15-13 (1.88-1.63)

J: 4/8 (22/40 so far)
Q: 3/8 ( 18/40)
X: 4/8 (20/40)
Z: 2/8 (19/40)

S: 18/32 (97/160)
blanks: 3/16 (41/80)