Monday, March 19, 2007

A closer look at the last game

I had to win the final game by 60+ to win the tourney..The verdict- there was little I could do in this game. He started with an easy bingo, giving me an uphill task to climb as the board got increasingly blocked. I didn't miss any bingos or major plays, though I'm not sure if that's the case for him..

>guo_cong: ADEIRRV 8H ARRIVED +80 80

Obviously best. I note that 8h bingos result in blocky boards as play tends to develop in the bottom corner, as was the case later.

>Hubert_Wee: BDEFNOT 9M FOB +24 24

Best after a short sim.

>guo_cong: EIQTU 10J QUITE +48 128

Another easy high-scoring move which extended the lead

>Hubert_Wee: DEENRTT H8 ATTENDER +80 104

Best. Only bingo which hits the TWS.

>guo_cong: CIKTW 11D WICKET +30 158

An interesting position. Couldn't find any good scores so settled on KAIM. AUK is definitely best here- decent leave and leaves as many lines as open as possible to allow for a comeback. Surprisingly KAIM only 3 pts below AUK.

>Hubert_Wee: AAIMOSU G11 KAIM +21 125

>guo_cong: HNO 12C HON +24 182

Easy scoring.

>Hubert_Wee: AIOSUUY -AIOUUY +0 125

Quackle recommends IO here which I have to disagree. Trailing by 60 pts, playing IO keeping that leave is not the way to go, it is granted that it lowers opp. score by 10 pts compared to changing, but it's not good in the long term. Another reason not to trust quackle sometimes.

>guo_cong: INN 13C INN +25 207

Another defensive move..

>Hubert_Wee: ?AGRSTY B6 GRAYeST +71 196

Changing worked as I got the blank and played the best bingo to narrow the gap.

>guo_cong: A8 LO +17 224

Possibly fishing? Was expecting a higher score there.

Considered WAUR, but felt it was a bit too open and scored too little, not realizing that WALI was pretty open too. I think WAUR is superior by a few points.

>Hubert_Wee: AAILSUW C3 WALI +17 213

>guo_cong: AEM D4 MAE +24 248
An average play.

>Hubert_Wee: AEHLSTU 4B HAMULATES +65 278

Tried a desperate bingo here, which was unfortuantely challenged off. It is good without the S. My rack looks nice until u find out that it combines only with F and P, which isn't so good.....

>Hubert_Wee: AEHLSTU -- -65 213

>guo_cong: GOS 11K GOS +23 271

So many esses..?

>Hubert_Wee: AEHLSTU E4 UH +27 240

Best. Considered AH as UH takes too few front hooks- ELSTU is a decent leave and at least the L hooks it..

>guo_cong: AEY C8 YEA +21 292

>Hubert_Wee: ACEGLST 14B ACT +25 265

Best after a sim. The CG combo doesn't go well together. The board was getting really blocked up- the only floaters are Rs !

>guo_cong: FU J6 FUR +14 306

Slowly blocking the board up

>Hubert_Wee: BEGIILS 15A BI +14 279

Best. No T for BILGIEST, which I saw. Very limited options on this board.

>guo_cong: EEN I11 .EEN +18 324

Blocking the TWS line, which is appropriate for him at this point.

>Hubert_Wee: EEGILSV J12 SEG +28 307

Best. Combines with R for VELIGERS, but R wrong place. Dang.
>guo_cong: OOPR 6F PROOF +16 340

>Hubert_Wee: ?EILRVZ I3 ZERO +23 330

I considered VEZIRs(44), opening up the board and shooting for the X and S, but decided to hold the blank. I think OYEZ is inaccurately rated as quackle doesn't play strategically and would open up a bingo line. exch LV is interesting, shooting for an O or S which gives SEGO/OoZIER(77) or SIZERs(77). But the chance of that would be slim with only 2 tiles changed.

>guo_cong: EJPS 4H JEEPS +44 384

This seals the game, unfortunately. It would have been much closer if he didn't have the S.

>Hubert_Wee: ?DILOVX 5K hOX +26 356

The ending position- nothing much I can do here. VOE doesn't work, as DOULEIA/UNOILED is possible from the pool.

>guo_cong: AAEILOU 6L LIEU +18 402
>Hubert_Wee: DDILNV O5 LUV +6 362
>guo_cong: AAO 3I .O +13 415
>Hubert_Wee: DDIN 2J DID +17 379
>guo_cong: AA B2 AA +9 424
>guo_cong: (N) +2 426


merlion said...

Actually you had to win by 60+ and hoped I didn't cream Henry by 100+.
But alas, Henry bingo bango bongo me with LOGINESS, SEVENTHS and LOOBIES. All Alpha's fault!!

Henry Yeo said...

Actually Alpha was responsible for letting Andy leapfrog both you and Tony