Monday, March 26, 2007

A very close choice

A game against Li wei- I choose FAITOR to start. After over 3000 iterations, FAITOR and OF are nearly equal. I think OF is still the better option overall, although it depends on players' styles. The main virtue is defense- after OF opp averages only 31 vs 39 after FAITOR, we reply with 50 vs 42 which isn't as big a difference as I thought. The thing is that after OF, the board could potentially become quite blocked up later.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stats so far

Record: 23-9 (72%)
Ave. score- 446-385
Bingos: 72-43 (2.25- 1.34)

J: 18/32
Q: 15/32
X: 16/32
Z: 17/ 32

S: 79/128
Blanks: 38/64

Monday, March 19, 2007

A closer look at the last game

I had to win the final game by 60+ to win the tourney..The verdict- there was little I could do in this game. He started with an easy bingo, giving me an uphill task to climb as the board got increasingly blocked. I didn't miss any bingos or major plays, though I'm not sure if that's the case for him..

>guo_cong: ADEIRRV 8H ARRIVED +80 80

Obviously best. I note that 8h bingos result in blocky boards as play tends to develop in the bottom corner, as was the case later.

>Hubert_Wee: BDEFNOT 9M FOB +24 24

Best after a short sim.

>guo_cong: EIQTU 10J QUITE +48 128

Another easy high-scoring move which extended the lead

>Hubert_Wee: DEENRTT H8 ATTENDER +80 104

Best. Only bingo which hits the TWS.

>guo_cong: CIKTW 11D WICKET +30 158

An interesting position. Couldn't find any good scores so settled on KAIM. AUK is definitely best here- decent leave and leaves as many lines as open as possible to allow for a comeback. Surprisingly KAIM only 3 pts below AUK.

>Hubert_Wee: AAIMOSU G11 KAIM +21 125

>guo_cong: HNO 12C HON +24 182

Easy scoring.

>Hubert_Wee: AIOSUUY -AIOUUY +0 125

Quackle recommends IO here which I have to disagree. Trailing by 60 pts, playing IO keeping that leave is not the way to go, it is granted that it lowers opp. score by 10 pts compared to changing, but it's not good in the long term. Another reason not to trust quackle sometimes.

>guo_cong: INN 13C INN +25 207

Another defensive move..

>Hubert_Wee: ?AGRSTY B6 GRAYeST +71 196

Changing worked as I got the blank and played the best bingo to narrow the gap.

>guo_cong: A8 LO +17 224

Possibly fishing? Was expecting a higher score there.

Considered WAUR, but felt it was a bit too open and scored too little, not realizing that WALI was pretty open too. I think WAUR is superior by a few points.

>Hubert_Wee: AAILSUW C3 WALI +17 213

>guo_cong: AEM D4 MAE +24 248
An average play.

>Hubert_Wee: AEHLSTU 4B HAMULATES +65 278

Tried a desperate bingo here, which was unfortuantely challenged off. It is good without the S. My rack looks nice until u find out that it combines only with F and P, which isn't so good.....

>Hubert_Wee: AEHLSTU -- -65 213

>guo_cong: GOS 11K GOS +23 271

So many esses..?

>Hubert_Wee: AEHLSTU E4 UH +27 240

Best. Considered AH as UH takes too few front hooks- ELSTU is a decent leave and at least the L hooks it..

>guo_cong: AEY C8 YEA +21 292

>Hubert_Wee: ACEGLST 14B ACT +25 265

Best after a sim. The CG combo doesn't go well together. The board was getting really blocked up- the only floaters are Rs !

>guo_cong: FU J6 FUR +14 306

Slowly blocking the board up

>Hubert_Wee: BEGIILS 15A BI +14 279

Best. No T for BILGIEST, which I saw. Very limited options on this board.

>guo_cong: EEN I11 .EEN +18 324

Blocking the TWS line, which is appropriate for him at this point.

>Hubert_Wee: EEGILSV J12 SEG +28 307

Best. Combines with R for VELIGERS, but R wrong place. Dang.
>guo_cong: OOPR 6F PROOF +16 340

>Hubert_Wee: ?EILRVZ I3 ZERO +23 330

I considered VEZIRs(44), opening up the board and shooting for the X and S, but decided to hold the blank. I think OYEZ is inaccurately rated as quackle doesn't play strategically and would open up a bingo line. exch LV is interesting, shooting for an O or S which gives SEGO/OoZIER(77) or SIZERs(77). But the chance of that would be slim with only 2 tiles changed.

>guo_cong: EJPS 4H JEEPS +44 384

This seals the game, unfortunately. It would have been much closer if he didn't have the S.

>Hubert_Wee: ?DILOVX 5K hOX +26 356

The ending position- nothing much I can do here. VOE doesn't work, as DOULEIA/UNOILED is possible from the pool.

>guo_cong: AAEILOU 6L LIEU +18 402
>Hubert_Wee: DDILNV O5 LUV +6 362
>guo_cong: AAO 3I .O +13 415
>Hubert_Wee: DDIN 2J DID +17 379
>guo_cong: AA B2 AA +9 424
>guo_cong: (N) +2 426

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Disappointing finish today. Ended up getting bumped to fourth since the situation was very close at the top, obtaining a trophy for my efforts. Blanks: 16/32. S: 40/64 Bingos: 34 to 21.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

JT again..

100% on JT fives for the first time..

Monday, March 05, 2007

NTU Winner's report

The day just before the tourney, we headed to Peach Garden restaurant in town for some sort of a reunion dinner. It was on the 33rd floor with commanding views of the city skyline. The dinner was not bad- 9 courses including 2 desserts - a delicious cold dish, suckling pig, abalone, shark's fin, steamed fish, prawns and lots of other interesting assorted stuff.

On Sunday, we headed to the NTU Venue with Dorai, Marcus and Victor at 9.10. The organisation wasn't very good and it didn't begin until 10 am.

Game 1 vs Dorai: I have AIIFNOQ to start and play QI. He changes 7 and I hold AEFINO?- no bingo so play IF which really blocks up the board. He changes again and I get to play FORtIES(73) several turns later followed by ABRIM(36) and WIZ(35). I play SiLENCE (95) on the tenth turn, going up by 148. He gets down STEANED(76) but it is too late. Later on I seal the game with some decent plays.

W 490-326 Record: 1-0 +126

Game 2 vs Kb: KB opens with CREED(22), an unusually open move for a reputable blocker..I reply with HOWF(33). After his YUG and my PIETA, I hold CEILORT but there is no place for its anagram, so play COLIN(24) instead. I get down CENTERED(86) next turn which is unblockable as there were 2 Cs available. Later I follow it up with DRAINAGe(80) and TOPSaiL(76). He has no reply.

W 463-335 Record: 2-0 + 292

Game 3 vs Ricky- I start with ELLPRR? and change, keeping EPR?, missing the seven. He begins with a very open POKEY(36). I hold EEPJRV? and play PERVE(20), he replies with DOGSLED(85) which I challenge just to be sure. Sure enough it is good...fortunately I counter with JEFES(54) and follow it up with HUMANeR(63). He dumps AUDIO(18) and I immediately play HET(A)IRAI(65) to go up by 20-odd, a good comeback from being 100 down at the start. He plas ZEA(41), blocking my QUOIF in the same spot for 54 pts, so I make do with TEF(38). I have a surfeit of vowels over the next few turns, but I manage to get down LIMONENE(74) to which he replies with SINGLET(72), instead of BELTINGS(86) which would have won him the game. This allows me AVOWS(54). He has CGNR at the end and I eke out a winning advantage to win by 8. A close match.

W 458-450 Record: 3-0 +300

At this point, we break for lunch. Jobeth and myself are the only players on 3 wins, which makes for an interesting match the next round

Game 4 vs Jobeth- She opens with MACED(24). I have TOYOTAS but of course it isn't valid, so I dump TOY for a measly 17 points. The scores remain close until the fourth turn, when she surges ahead with STILlER(67). I reply with EMETICS(80) and draw HNNNORT, but dump TINHORN(20) instead of NINTH for turnover. After that I get QUOdS/WEFTED(77), KEPI(41) t and NOW(39) to win comfortably.

W 435-337 Record: 4-0 +398

Game 5 vs Ben- I knew it was inevitable I had to meet Ben at some point, so here goes..I have BEGORVW and pla VOWER(30). He replies with JOT(28), I have BGIOPST, no A for AVOWER or ATE, so just go for turnover with BIGOTS(25) only to see him counter with DETOX(67). I now hold DPRRUW? and have to dump GOWD for 18 pts. I follow it up with PARURaS(87), hooking VOWER only to see QUEUEINg(88) go down. I play SKAG/QUEUEINGS(30) and DITSIER(78) to go up narrowly. At the end, he incorrectly opens up a TWS spot for my H, for 56 pts which I follow up with RECOINED(86) to seal the game.

W 506-398 Record: 5-0 + 506

Game 6 vs Liwei- He opens with DITT(10), telegraphing a shortage of vowels to which I reply with a 4-timer GUESTEN(88) . 2 turns later, I get down SEAFaRER(74) followed by FAINTEST(76) to go up by 130. He has QUALE(54), YID(50) and OX(33), but I immediately counter with GUZzLE(75+5). At the end, he incorrectly pluralizes QUALE, allowing me to block his outplay of SURNAME.

W 508-342 Record: 6-0 +672

Game 7 vs Ben- At this point, I was 2 games ahead with a good spread advantage, but I needed 1 more win to clinch the title. I always seem to meet Ben in KOTH rounds....Not a very good game- I begin with AAAIORT and finally decide on AIA 8f( Quackle likes the 8g position). He counters with LUNGYI(25) atop. I hold AAOPRST but nothing would play, so it has to be PRAO(24). He takes the early lead with BRITTLE(79). I have ANSTXZ? and can't find a spot to dump for 30+ pts, so I play ZEX(19). I draw the J and play it off in the form of JOT(20) then follow it up with NASiONS(81) next turn. He plays ZIT(36) to lead by 50. I hold EEIGOOR and play EGO(19), but change the next turn while he dumps EAU(13). I manage to get down PURIFIER(101) right after that to lead by 30. However later he gets PREaCHER(94) while I have CEOOOVW. I get CONVEYS(86) on the last move but he bingos out with GELIDEST(90) catching me with the Q to win..

L 410-506 Record: 6-1 +576

Game 8 vs Ben- The 3rd time playing ben in 8 games. . I simply have to not lose the game by about 130 to win the title.. Ben starts with KINDA(30) while I have the unimpressive AEOOWWY. I make do with YOW(24). 2 turns later, he gets down a 4x EDIFIES(106) but I reply with FAXED(51) to trail by 40. I get LITANIES(70), ZAG(47) and STaRTER(71) over the next few turns to lead by 80. At the end I get down DINOSAUR(82).I protect my lead for the remainder of the game to win on a rather blocked board.

W 483-373 Record: 7-1 +686

I am rather pleased to have won the NTU championship for the first time, receiving $140 of shopping vouchers and a nice trophy for my efforts. This win also brought me one step closer to a 2000 rating..The slightly unusual thing was that I didn't play at all with the no. 2 and 3 finishers ( Victor and Andy) who both won all their games in the afternoon to sneak to the top.


W/L: 7-1
Ave. score:469- 382
Bingos: 21 -9 ( 2.63 - 1.13)
No. of turns: 104- 104
Ave. score per turn: 36.1-29.4

J: 3/8
Q: 4/8
X: 3/8
Z: 5/8

S: 20/32
Blanks: 11/16