Friday, February 09, 2007

quackle 0.95 comments

The new version of Quackle was recently released- after a long wait, I finally got it installed

-Quackle loads faster now in about 30 seconds- about half the previous time

-Sims are significantly faster- about 3 to 4 times as fast

-Championship player is probably the biggest addition to the new version- it sims for up to a minute and is probably a better positional player. Interestingly in a test game, championship player began doing full-game sims with as many as 17 tiles left. Apparently it payed off as it had BaNJO to the triple next turn. It also found an endgame win in my game vs Yen nee. Dang.

- The board is slightly smaller now to make space for the rack- more like a real game- but I would prefer a larger board

- HTML reports in colour are available now. Not a big deal as they are rather simplified- showing only 5 options and leaving out equity, tracking and other stuff. But easier to look at though.

-French and Korean dicts are really irrelevant- how many players will actually use them?

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