Monday, February 12, 2007

endgame position

I was playing too fast and didn't see the threat of an out bingo, so just went for max points...

And he goes out with BATWOMAN.. As it turns out, CASSINO actually has the higher winning % of 89% compared to CASINOS/SAGO (82%) even though it leaves 2 floaters. CASINOS opens up the TWS for the opp. who could have AHEM(44) or ASHMEN(42) to win.

- What is the only 2-tile pickup for me which can't go out?

- What is the only other playable bingo for my opponent?


nibiew said...

I'd wonder if you'd consider BATWOMEN as the only other possible bingo... because it seems pretty obvious haha

And if you're talking about the opponent having a turn to block the out, would the only two tiles be B and M?

Anonymous said...