Friday, February 23, 2007

another JT milestone

95% average for bingos for the first time..

Monday, February 12, 2007

endgame position

I was playing too fast and didn't see the threat of an out bingo, so just went for max points...

And he goes out with BATWOMAN.. As it turns out, CASSINO actually has the higher winning % of 89% compared to CASINOS/SAGO (82%) even though it leaves 2 floaters. CASINOS opens up the TWS for the opp. who could have AHEM(44) or ASHMEN(42) to win.

- What is the only 2-tile pickup for me which can't go out?

- What is the only other playable bingo for my opponent?

Friday, February 09, 2007

quackle 0.95 comments

The new version of Quackle was recently released- after a long wait, I finally got it installed

-Quackle loads faster now in about 30 seconds- about half the previous time

-Sims are significantly faster- about 3 to 4 times as fast

-Championship player is probably the biggest addition to the new version- it sims for up to a minute and is probably a better positional player. Interestingly in a test game, championship player began doing full-game sims with as many as 17 tiles left. Apparently it payed off as it had BaNJO to the triple next turn. It also found an endgame win in my game vs Yen nee. Dang.

- The board is slightly smaller now to make space for the rack- more like a real game- but I would prefer a larger board

- HTML reports in colour are available now. Not a big deal as they are rather simplified- showing only 5 options and leaving out equity, tracking and other stuff. But easier to look at though.

-French and Korean dicts are really irrelevant- how many players will actually use them?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Mini report

So I won again, with more than my fair share of the good tiles. It was the first time being 140 pts ahead of the next player, and 6 wins was not enough to maintain. I achieved yet another milestone of high tourney average (477) and high game (626) with 4 bingos including a 9-timer. I need to review my high-prob sevens, seeing that I missed VENATOR against Yen nee, playing the inferior OVERNEAT instead. I also took the opportunity to sign up for LBH. .

Game 1 vs Guo Cong- I open with DITONE keeping E, delibrating whether to change but decided to go for points and turnover. He replies with UT(8). I dump the J for 35 pts and he retaliates with TERATOID(70), opening a much-needed triple line for COsTLIER (131). I follow it up with ZHO(35), SUBIDEA(82), PIX(42) and PAWLS(36) while he tries to catch up with MOY(32) and PIXY(53). At this point I am leading comfortably 379-243. Later he opens up a K for my FORESKIN(80) which I immediately follow up with OUTGLaRE(80).

W 626-359

Game 2 vs Yen nee- She begins with a natural CATIONS (74) but I reply with MORAiNAL (86+5). She dumps QAT(30) and I extend her play to EVOCATIONS(45). She replies with RATOONED(60). I have few vowels for the next few turns while she gets down JEFE(42) and DIETING(70) to lead by 70. I get down OVERNEAT(74) and lose a close endgame.

L 464-466

Game 3 vs Guan Hui- I open with MOIETY keeping E. He replies with HOD(31), followed by my HAUT(20) and his JO(33). I get down a double-double QUES(TA)NT (68) but he replies with PLAQUE(40) to stay close. A few turns later, I get down TAlWEGs(81) to lead by 80. He has ISOBARE(66) but I counter with ERUPTION(74). At the end, he has CGNRV and blocks my outplay for a mere 6 points but I win comfortably though.

W 493-346

Game 4 vs Jessie- She opens with the low-scoring GOAD(12). I have AACEHIT and play ACHIOTE(23) for turnover. I have just one vowel for the next few racks, but maintain decent scoring while she phonies with VISABlE* and BEAVIeS*, both challenged off. I extend my lead to 80 pts. I get down ENSEALS(66), ZONER(40) and AXE(46) while she has HeARTiLY(63) late in the game. She empties the bag to which I bingo out with ROOSTED(83).

W 481-296

Game 5 vs Andy- Another close match. I have NONRIVAL(94) and TORNILLO(70+5) to his REGALED(73). I win a close endgame by 13 ( 3 without the needless challenges)

W 423-410

Game 6 vs Gan. He starts with KAT(14). I play TuLBANS(70+5), missing its superior anagram. He phonies with GAUNTERS* and I block his bonus through KAT, which he saw but chose GAUNTERS because it scored a few points more. Later I have EXUDE(65), PANAX(28), DOGGIE(27) and NOTCHED(42). He plays sLAVERY(79), missing AVERt(ED)LY (96). I try ADENOSIS/LANED which unfortunately gets challenged off. In the endgame, he is left with 5 vowels while I have the tiles to win.

W 420-371

Game 7 vs Weibin- I wasn't underestimating Weibin, given his performance just last week. I start with EENORSU and change EU. He plays just 2 tiles with OX(18). I get down ENROOTS/OXO (70) while he has the double-double AIRLINE(28). I paly FIZ(35) and he counters with PAtONCE(66). I reply with SALACItY(76+5) while he scores steadily with BERM(22), VENGE(29) and WELK(48). I have NONGAME/AVENGE(84) while he gets ROADIES(70) to trail by 34. Consistent scoring at the end see me win a fairly close game.

W 469-433.

Game 8 vs Andy- The final round- I was starting to feel slightly tired despite the bottles of chicken essence and bananas. I was leading by 1 game with a superior spread, so I just needed to protect spread. I start with LURRIES(66), but he quickly plays NEOTOX(I)N (80). I draw ??AERZU and play ZERo(73). He plays INCHASE (28) which I follow up with PARVEnUE(66), replied with AGITATED(70). However I pick up EEEIIWU and have to make do with WIG(22) and change the next turn. Later on I get BATTY(44), JOCO(34) and MY(31) to his AREOLAS(79) and SUQ(44). I lose a close endgame by just 8 pts, but it is good enough to win the tourney.

L 437-445

Record: 6-2 +692
Ave. score: 477- 390
Bingos: 18-13 (2.25- 1.63)
J: 6/8