Friday, December 01, 2006


107 page views so far today and counting. Not bad ...

For tomorrow i will pick the most (strategically) interesting game for annotation and analysis so keep checking back for updates.

Annotations will be colour-coded from the next one onwards by equity loss as follows:
Perfect play
Minimal loss (<5>
Average loss (5-10pts)

High loss (10-20 pts)
Blunder (20+ pts)

I guess most of the table 1 games will be covered tomorrow so we shouldn't be seeing many high losses..

120 page views today
from M'sia, Australia, India, Singapore, Ontario, Kenya, UK, Philippines, Thailand and Japan


sonic said...

On another game you didn't cover: Austin vs Ben Rd 7. Ben to play in move 22. Is it worth considering playing INFLATE 4-timer for 40 keeping blank, instead of bingoing? INFLATE was enough to give Ben the lead, and there would still be 2 bingo lines left with bingo-friendly tiles unseen.

Hubert wee said...

I think not, drawing 6 tiles is too risky with the 6 Es in 20 unseen tiles.

oLEFIANT which doesn't take an S is definitely better.