Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Day 2 brief notes

I was drawing slightly better on day 2, and won 9 games of 12. Averaged 440 pts to 400 and had 25 bingos to 20. EQ loss of 51 each. 8 missed bingos, but ironically only in my winning games. Best moves: 101/147 (69%) Already made the best of what I had in the losses.

A summary of the games-

David- Start with HOD(14), only to see him play FICTORS(82) and OUTSWEAR(95) off the bat. Try SHODS* and SUDARIAS* both challenged off. (SUDARIA+? = no bingos) Later I get DISTRAIN(61) and PIONEERs(80) to ENVELOPs(60) narrow the spread. L-156

Pakorn- Another slow start. Play BAG, not risking AIRBAGS which I know is phony, played against Ong before. I get STAIRED(75) and LAETRILE(68) to counter his successive QUINE(42) QuICHE(66) and MESQUINE(57+5). He wrongly empties the bag with TAX(42) and I bingo out with OUTSiNS(66). I was constantly using time pressure, it seemed to work as he messed up the endgame and finished with -56 seconds compared to my 19 mins. W+35

Irineu- A very sneaky player, changing with 5 tiles left and getting 2 blank bingos. L -22

Jocelyn- My lucky break of the day( after all I have won the last 8 games against her). i get AUSTERE(66), AFGHAnI(73) and ANTBEaRS(86) (3 A bingos) to her IGNORES(76). W+195

Odette- Very blocky game. I have ENABLInG(72) and COWRITES(92) to her ANISEED(76). W+95

Naween- Prepared to take him head on. He plays the first 2 look-alike bingos (NATURES and NATURAe, but I sweep it from behind with SATRAPAL(61), phony SIALOID/SATRAPALS*, later COALISED(86) and CRaMPON(90+5). W+43

Taewan- A nice Thai gentleman, who speaks in a sing-song Thai accent (most of the Thais do too). He starts with AXON above which I overlap DOJO(37). Later I get cheap scores of QI(46), FRITZ(54) and KY(36) to his mediocre scoring. Later get OILIEST(74) and LINGUAe(63) to his CRUSAdES(83) and URINATE(73). W +70

Douglas- A pleasant Indian player whom I met in Bangkok before. He starts slowly with STAM* midgame but later sPROUTED(76), GAINLiER(80) and QI(64) for him to my LINABLE(72) and NEEDLIER(68) save the game. L-21

Vannitha- I knew Vannitha was definitely rusty, but she put up a hard fight with ABORtION(80) and CUSPIDS(83+5) late game to my DEvOTEE(74) and outplay of MURAENA(65) catching her by surprise. W+10

Ronald- A very slow, blocky game for both plaayers. I get down the first bingo with NATUreD(74) and protect my lead to win by a full hundred points. W+100

Edward- After a satisfying dinner, I play Edward next. This is my best game, dropping just 10 pts for the entire game. I start with DEHOOU? and play OUD. He later plays TRINDLES(62) through my FLAVINeS(86). Immediately follow it up with ADERMIN for a cool 85 pts. QAT(38) and steady scoring is enough to hold off his cUTESIER(68) W+76

Sompong- Contrary to what it seems, Sompong is a tough player with a knack for bingos, playing PETIOLATED/GRAPIEST against me in Bangkok. However in this game he was off form. I had 2 exchanges in the first 4 turns, falling behind by 140 but caught up with NARRATe(59), VACATION(76) to his FETTERED(62) and SEEPING(86). Later he plays TROLD* which gets challenged off allowing me RAWhIDES(86) in the same space. W+ 32

The next post will not be scrabble-related. I hope..

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