Saturday, December 02, 2006

Day 2 annotated game: Rd 13 Austin Shin vs Weibin

I chose round 13's highlighted game between Austin and Weibin to peer into. Enough of David anyway.

I use Quackle 0.94 with 1000-2000 iterations for most moves, 2-4 ply

I am very busy tomorrow, so any other annotations will have to wait..

Austin: AMIEUWE h8 EMEU 12 12 Not a good rack to start with. EMEU is a poor choice, scoring only 12 points and leaving an unproductive combo. There aren't many better options, as shown below. WAME keeping 3 vowels doesn't look too good to me.

WB: OAZTFJR 11g JURAT 24 24 JOE(26), which scores and keeps the board tight, is better by 7 pts.

Austin: 3 WAIURRS 12j WAUR 21 33 Clearly best. Few other choices.

WB: FOZORLI m10 ZORIL 28 52 Weibin misses M9 ZORRO(48), costing him 22 EQ points.

Austin: 5 IRSASDA 15m SAD 27 60 It's between SAD(27), DISAS(36) and ASAR(30) here. SAD and ASAR are roughly equal. DISAS is 1.5 pts behind.

WB: 6 FORNOBS n9 FOB 27 79 Best. Keeping the S for 9 pts less pays off.

Austin: 7 SIARFGG o6 GIGAS 38 98 Best. Using the S for an extra 15 points is worth it here.

WB: 8 ORTCVNS 8d CONVERTS 66 145 Best. The only bingo.

Austin: 9 FLAWIER 13e FLAWIER 74 172 Missing 14G FIREWALL(86). 9 pts of EQ lost here..the I beside the TWS isn't much of a threat, since the board is already fairly open. Ave. response is 47 after FIREWALL and 42 after FLAWIER.

WB: 10 ATOPRUT n1 *OUTTRAP challenged 145 Weibin phonies here. The playable bingos are OUTPARTS(70) and TRAPUNTO(68) also in Edwards' report

Austin: 11 MEEIING h13 WIG 21 193 Missing K1 GEMINIES(72), costing him 49 EQ pts.

WB: 12 ATOPRUT k4 POUTS 14 159 Weibin misses the said bingos again.

Austin: 13 HEMEINE l4 HEME 40 233 HEMPIE/IN(34) is 2 pts better. Doubled Is are bad. The good thing is that HEMP reduces opp. response by 5 pts.

WB: 14 TRAPINY e7 PORNY 20 179 Weibin misses the easy 15a PARTYING(95), costing him 77 eq pts.

Austin: 15 INENOYE 14e YONI 23 256 ONERY(24) is better by 7pts although it opens the TWS line.Opp. response is surprisingly only 4 pts higher after ONERY than YONI.
WB: 16 TAIODDT 14k TOLD 20 199 Weibin misses 14J DOILT(40), 21 pts better

Austin: 17 INEELNK d10 INK 21 277 G5 KNIVE(19) is 5 pts better.

WB: 18 DAIT#EI f2 DIAcTINE 70 269 Weibin finally bingos, also playable were G2 ADdITIVE and IDeATIVE(70). DIACTINE is the safest choice as it doesn't open the TWS line.

Austin: 19 EELNCVQ change -ELNCVQ 0 277 Not the best choice. Austin is leading by just 8 points here and exchanging is not neccesary, especially on such a board. Even dumping the Q for 11 points is better. But playing ENCLAVE(26) for score and turnover, going for the blankis certainly superior

500 4 ply iterations:
WB: 20 NIAIXOE 2b AXOID 26 295 XENIA(31) is decidedly better, as there is little chance of duplicating the leave of IO

Austin: 21 ASUBAOE 1a ABO 28 305 Best. Not OBA which takes one of many Es unseen.

WB: 22 NIEHLEC 4d LEACH 28 323 Another tough bingo missed- 5bELENcHIC (74) 54 pts lost.

Austin: 23 UESAET# g7 UVA 21 326 Austin misses AUSTErE/THEME/SPOUTS (82), likely overlooking the hooks, costing him 18 pts

WB: 24 INEQEER m3 QI 30 353 No U for QUEENIER. QI is best.

Austin: 25 SEELNT# h1 LETHES 27 353 Missing BANdELETS(62) which would have won by 57.
26 EEENRDV 1h LEVERED 12 365 Best
27 N# 3b Ny 25 378 28 Also Best

Conclusion: Not a very good game for both players, Austin missed bingos on 2 racks while Weibin missed 4. It pays to look for 9-letter words sometimes.

Equity loss: Austin 155 Weibin 325
Score per turn: Austin 27.1 Weibin 28.0

After game 16:
RankPlayerCountry WinsMargin
1 David EldarAustralia 13 1247
2 Austin ShinEngland 12 1075
3 Tanasak SupaphibunkThailand 11 683
4 Benjamin ChowSingapore 11 402
5 Toh WeibinSingapore 11 353
6 Will NedigerCanada 10 400
7 Lee Guan HuiSingapore 10 394
8 Thanapong KukietThailand 10 253
9 Marcus GohSingapore 10 208
10 Joshua SngSingapore 10 12

4 more games to the end. Realistically I guess only the top 5 stand a chance at the finals. David is in if he wins at least 2 games tomorrow. For the rest, spread will be an important factor.

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nibiew said...

woohoo. I played very badly for the tourney. (this is one of the worse ones)