Sunday, December 31, 2006

JG session

Had yet another roaring session at JG yesterday.. Won all 8 games with a total spread of 900+. I managed to beat Dorai 602-380 and 619-291 in 2 straight games - I had naturals OVERWARY(212), LEGENDS(82), EBIONIZE(107), EARLIES(75), PIONEER(78) and FLATTINg, CoVERALL(83). Also another come-from behind win against KB where I bingoed out with EVIRATE catching him with 48 pts, to win by 40.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Visited JG yesterday from 12+ till 10. Played 5 games of scrabble and 1 round of Lawrence's blue moon city. Beat Yen Nee, Dorai and Liwei with 503, 585 and 517 but lost to Liwei and Victor later. Several nice plays as usual like ABDELINW, EENNQSUU (114), DDEEINZ (106) and AEEFOSTU. .

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yew Tee position

A mid-game position from the deciding game against Ben

Last move:ENTENDER from Ben

What would you play? Several decent choices here, I'm surprised QI does so well. It leaves the 3x3 line open and a hanging Q ( we don't have any Is). However it keeps the tiles for BEZ/BRAND next turn or something better to the triple if opp takes the QI bait. Not wanting to leave the 3x3 line open, I played ZEE-the most defensive move. QUIZ is worth looking at, keeping the B for BRAND but I don't like playing the power tiles for face value.

Later on I played ANNULOSE and won 360-316 to clinch the championship

Monday, December 18, 2006


Won Yew Tee yesterday, making it my 4th tournament win in 6 contested. Got my rating back up to the 1950+ range, shooting for 2000 next. I had more than my share of blanks, but the tiles in between were mediocre at best- had to change 5 times in 8 games with many queer racks. Most satisfying bingo was playing EEEIOPT through C for 82 pts against JP.

Report later.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lunch and causeway talk

Joined Michael, Tony, Ming Tiong, Ricky, Andy, JP and Cheah for a dim sum lunch at Crystal Jade Palace in Orchard. The conversation revolved around plans for the next CSC, how Ganesh achieved an average score of over 500 against regional competition and a rough plan of next year's tourneys. Michael plans to extend next year's teams to UK, Canada and potentially USA. The prizes will be noticeably greater than before with a cool top prize of US$5000. Same amount for div 2, but in Ringgit.. Next year's event will be stretched over 4 days and will be expecting 100 players for the open div.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Taking blocking a bit too far

My game against Aaron. Quackle recommends fishing with GOX. I played MILO. It does best on the assumption that opp will open up next turn allowing me a place for my bingo. The ave. opp score after GOX is barely 14 pts. However in real life opp will most likely change than open up the board, so it is not very accurate. Perhaps LOG is better as it opens 2 lines?

Travel Map

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As u can see, I'm not much of a globe trekker yet.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Day 2 brief notes

I was drawing slightly better on day 2, and won 9 games of 12. Averaged 440 pts to 400 and had 25 bingos to 20. EQ loss of 51 each. 8 missed bingos, but ironically only in my winning games. Best moves: 101/147 (69%) Already made the best of what I had in the losses.

A summary of the games-

David- Start with HOD(14), only to see him play FICTORS(82) and OUTSWEAR(95) off the bat. Try SHODS* and SUDARIAS* both challenged off. (SUDARIA+? = no bingos) Later I get DISTRAIN(61) and PIONEERs(80) to ENVELOPs(60) narrow the spread. L-156

Pakorn- Another slow start. Play BAG, not risking AIRBAGS which I know is phony, played against Ong before. I get STAIRED(75) and LAETRILE(68) to counter his successive QUINE(42) QuICHE(66) and MESQUINE(57+5). He wrongly empties the bag with TAX(42) and I bingo out with OUTSiNS(66). I was constantly using time pressure, it seemed to work as he messed up the endgame and finished with -56 seconds compared to my 19 mins. W+35

Irineu- A very sneaky player, changing with 5 tiles left and getting 2 blank bingos. L -22

Jocelyn- My lucky break of the day( after all I have won the last 8 games against her). i get AUSTERE(66), AFGHAnI(73) and ANTBEaRS(86) (3 A bingos) to her IGNORES(76). W+195

Odette- Very blocky game. I have ENABLInG(72) and COWRITES(92) to her ANISEED(76). W+95

Naween- Prepared to take him head on. He plays the first 2 look-alike bingos (NATURES and NATURAe, but I sweep it from behind with SATRAPAL(61), phony SIALOID/SATRAPALS*, later COALISED(86) and CRaMPON(90+5). W+43

Taewan- A nice Thai gentleman, who speaks in a sing-song Thai accent (most of the Thais do too). He starts with AXON above which I overlap DOJO(37). Later I get cheap scores of QI(46), FRITZ(54) and KY(36) to his mediocre scoring. Later get OILIEST(74) and LINGUAe(63) to his CRUSAdES(83) and URINATE(73). W +70

Douglas- A pleasant Indian player whom I met in Bangkok before. He starts slowly with STAM* midgame but later sPROUTED(76), GAINLiER(80) and QI(64) for him to my LINABLE(72) and NEEDLIER(68) save the game. L-21

Vannitha- I knew Vannitha was definitely rusty, but she put up a hard fight with ABORtION(80) and CUSPIDS(83+5) late game to my DEvOTEE(74) and outplay of MURAENA(65) catching her by surprise. W+10

Ronald- A very slow, blocky game for both plaayers. I get down the first bingo with NATUreD(74) and protect my lead to win by a full hundred points. W+100

Edward- After a satisfying dinner, I play Edward next. This is my best game, dropping just 10 pts for the entire game. I start with DEHOOU? and play OUD. He later plays TRINDLES(62) through my FLAVINeS(86). Immediately follow it up with ADERMIN for a cool 85 pts. QAT(38) and steady scoring is enough to hold off his cUTESIER(68) W+76

Sompong- Contrary to what it seems, Sompong is a tough player with a knack for bingos, playing PETIOLATED/GRAPIEST against me in Bangkok. However in this game he was off form. I had 2 exchanges in the first 4 turns, falling behind by 140 but caught up with NARRATe(59), VACATION(76) to his FETTERED(62) and SEEPING(86). Later he plays TROLD* which gets challenged off allowing me RAWhIDES(86) in the same space. W+ 32

The next post will not be scrabble-related. I hope..

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No anonymous comments!

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More J.T

If there's anything I can beat Ganesh at, it's JumbleTime

Monday, December 11, 2006

Day 3 analysis, endgame test and team stats

Just spent the entire morning going through my Day 3 games.

The conclusion: I was playing relatively well, losing an ave. of 53 pts of EQ a game (95, 47,66,57,30,42,32 ) However I went 2-5. The field was tough to say the least- Lennie, Ganesh, Marlon, Chris, Gerry, Jose and Nigel , 4 of the top 10 players- ave. rating of 1874.

T0 put things in perspective, David Webb loses around 70 pts and Andrew Fisher around 55, while recent WSC and BEST finals have seen average losses of 50 or so.

I missed only 2 bingos in the 7 games costing 10 and 29 pts each. I had 11 bingos to 16. I had only 4/14 blanks and 7/28 Ss. On Day 2 I had half the blanks and won 9 games of 12 against an ave. rating of 1858 ( perf. rating of 2049)

Total moves:91
Average no. of moves: 13.0
Worst loss: BARDY(54) against Marlon losing 38 points
No. of best moves:41/91 (45%)

Scrabble is just unfair..

My game with Nigel. I tracked correctly and saw no way to win.

$50 for anyone who can find a proven win for me.
My turn to play with DEIIISV, sadly no DIVISIVE.

TEAM stats from S'pore vs other teams in order of placing

............................. Cheah...........Me..............JP............Andy..........Michael..........Total

Sin vs Aus ........1-4 -108...2-3 -445....2-3 -163.....0-5 -288.....2-3 -147....7-18 -1151 (ave -46)
Sin vs Mal ........ 2-3 -274...2-3 +55....1-4 -269.....3-2 -11.....2-3 -85.....10-15 -584 (-23.3)
Sin vs Tha .........4-1 +259...4-1 +144....3-2 -79.....3-2 -61.....3-2 -133.....17-8 +128 ( +5)
Sin vs Phi ........2-3 +66....2-3 -79.....4-1 +220.....1-4 -352.....1-4 -387.....10-15 -532(-21)
Sin vs Ind ........5-0 +438...2-3 -43....3-2 +213.....4-1 +326....4-1 +205....18-7 +1139 (+45.6)

Best performer against Aus: Michael
Best performer against Mal: Andy
Best performer against Tha: Cheah
Best performer against Phi: JP
Best performer against Ind: Cheah

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Back from CSC

And 3 days of scrabble action. Started slowly with 1 win of 6, but won 9 of 10 mid-tourney only to finish 16th after a poor finish. Not that bad actually considering the strength of the field. Lost to Nigel by a measly 5 points in the final round- he had no vowels but still managed to score decently. If he lost he would be relegated to 4th, winning US$400 less.I managed to baat 5 of the top 10 (Naween, Edward, Pakorn, Odette, Gerry). Wasn't drawing too well, with 4 of the first 18 blanks for 19/50 total. 41% of Ss. Steady bingo ave. of 1.88 a game.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

CSC is drawing near. Photo shoot with ST tomorrow at Toa Payoh followed by session at Michael's place. In short, another long day.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jumbletime Salsa

Visigoth is Ganesh, BTW
Jumpinjeep is Aaron
Halbert is Albert hahn of calgary

as usual, found nice words like CMMKORWU and ADHIIJT

Edit: Posting these lifts my morale. I should do this more often, especially when Ganesh plays.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Nothing seemed to go right, save for the first half. It's kinda strange that my worst performances are in the tourneys 1 week before major events( before nats too). The 6- player div is also to blame.... Also mediocre tiles, watching too much WYSC, the stuffy air-con, few blanks (6/16, only 3 on bingos)and I hadn't been feeling too good these few days either. So JP wins all the games with an even lower average(and fewer bingos) than Liwei, who wins half. And yes, same number of wins as michael who phonied practically every game. What a joke.

On the bright side, I am still the leading player in contention for WSC..

For some reason I wasn't on form, letting Michael play IQ with the board reversed and overdrawing twice, both times losing the blank. Fortunately I got both back. Against JP I missed ULE which would have won by 1 instead of losing by 4.
What's worse, these are my uninspiring opening racks:

ELMRTVY ( played VLY 18)
EEEMOOR ( change EEOO)
?EILRRS (fLIRTERS 78 only to close the gap of JP's ORALITY 78)

Game 7 with JP. During the game Dorai peeks over and is rather bemused by words like FLIRTERS and EROTICA. I'm less than pleased. Down by a bingo on a rather closed board. I choose HERTZ, while at the end JP manages to get the blank and STILL doesn't play EBONItES or EBONIsES because he's scared that if it's phony I would out and win. Geez. A 1995 player, unsure of EBONITES EBONISES or EBIONISE..

Not a good day. Causeway should be better.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Playing with style..

Taken from an NSA player's blog:

" What does "That's my style" mean?

A) It's the best play but I don't want to explain it to you, because you either won't understand it or you won't listen.

B) I just like the play and I don't know why its best and I don't want to listen to logic

C) That little delusional voice is telling me to play it

D) I have no idea how to play Scrabble.

E) It's the play that creates the type of situation that I want and I'm willing to sacrifice quality of play so that I can get a board that I am more comfortable with "

It's A for me, sometimes B

Day 2 annotated game: Rd 13 Austin Shin vs Weibin

I chose round 13's highlighted game between Austin and Weibin to peer into. Enough of David anyway.

I use Quackle 0.94 with 1000-2000 iterations for most moves, 2-4 ply

I am very busy tomorrow, so any other annotations will have to wait..

Austin: AMIEUWE h8 EMEU 12 12 Not a good rack to start with. EMEU is a poor choice, scoring only 12 points and leaving an unproductive combo. There aren't many better options, as shown below. WAME keeping 3 vowels doesn't look too good to me.

WB: OAZTFJR 11g JURAT 24 24 JOE(26), which scores and keeps the board tight, is better by 7 pts.

Austin: 3 WAIURRS 12j WAUR 21 33 Clearly best. Few other choices.

WB: FOZORLI m10 ZORIL 28 52 Weibin misses M9 ZORRO(48), costing him 22 EQ points.

Austin: 5 IRSASDA 15m SAD 27 60 It's between SAD(27), DISAS(36) and ASAR(30) here. SAD and ASAR are roughly equal. DISAS is 1.5 pts behind.

WB: 6 FORNOBS n9 FOB 27 79 Best. Keeping the S for 9 pts less pays off.

Austin: 7 SIARFGG o6 GIGAS 38 98 Best. Using the S for an extra 15 points is worth it here.

WB: 8 ORTCVNS 8d CONVERTS 66 145 Best. The only bingo.

Austin: 9 FLAWIER 13e FLAWIER 74 172 Missing 14G FIREWALL(86). 9 pts of EQ lost here..the I beside the TWS isn't much of a threat, since the board is already fairly open. Ave. response is 47 after FIREWALL and 42 after FLAWIER.

WB: 10 ATOPRUT n1 *OUTTRAP challenged 145 Weibin phonies here. The playable bingos are OUTPARTS(70) and TRAPUNTO(68) also in Edwards' report

Austin: 11 MEEIING h13 WIG 21 193 Missing K1 GEMINIES(72), costing him 49 EQ pts.

WB: 12 ATOPRUT k4 POUTS 14 159 Weibin misses the said bingos again.

Austin: 13 HEMEINE l4 HEME 40 233 HEMPIE/IN(34) is 2 pts better. Doubled Is are bad. The good thing is that HEMP reduces opp. response by 5 pts.

WB: 14 TRAPINY e7 PORNY 20 179 Weibin misses the easy 15a PARTYING(95), costing him 77 eq pts.

Austin: 15 INENOYE 14e YONI 23 256 ONERY(24) is better by 7pts although it opens the TWS line.Opp. response is surprisingly only 4 pts higher after ONERY than YONI.
WB: 16 TAIODDT 14k TOLD 20 199 Weibin misses 14J DOILT(40), 21 pts better

Austin: 17 INEELNK d10 INK 21 277 G5 KNIVE(19) is 5 pts better.

WB: 18 DAIT#EI f2 DIAcTINE 70 269 Weibin finally bingos, also playable were G2 ADdITIVE and IDeATIVE(70). DIACTINE is the safest choice as it doesn't open the TWS line.

Austin: 19 EELNCVQ change -ELNCVQ 0 277 Not the best choice. Austin is leading by just 8 points here and exchanging is not neccesary, especially on such a board. Even dumping the Q for 11 points is better. But playing ENCLAVE(26) for score and turnover, going for the blankis certainly superior

500 4 ply iterations:
WB: 20 NIAIXOE 2b AXOID 26 295 XENIA(31) is decidedly better, as there is little chance of duplicating the leave of IO

Austin: 21 ASUBAOE 1a ABO 28 305 Best. Not OBA which takes one of many Es unseen.

WB: 22 NIEHLEC 4d LEACH 28 323 Another tough bingo missed- 5bELENcHIC (74) 54 pts lost.

Austin: 23 UESAET# g7 UVA 21 326 Austin misses AUSTErE/THEME/SPOUTS (82), likely overlooking the hooks, costing him 18 pts

WB: 24 INEQEER m3 QI 30 353 No U for QUEENIER. QI is best.

Austin: 25 SEELNT# h1 LETHES 27 353 Missing BANdELETS(62) which would have won by 57.
26 EEENRDV 1h LEVERED 12 365 Best
27 N# 3b Ny 25 378 28 Also Best

Conclusion: Not a very good game for both players, Austin missed bingos on 2 racks while Weibin missed 4. It pays to look for 9-letter words sometimes.

Equity loss: Austin 155 Weibin 325
Score per turn: Austin 27.1 Weibin 28.0

After game 16:
RankPlayerCountry WinsMargin
1 David EldarAustralia 13 1247
2 Austin ShinEngland 12 1075
3 Tanasak SupaphibunkThailand 11 683
4 Benjamin ChowSingapore 11 402
5 Toh WeibinSingapore 11 353
6 Will NedigerCanada 10 400
7 Lee Guan HuiSingapore 10 394
8 Thanapong KukietThailand 10 253
9 Marcus GohSingapore 10 208
10 Joshua SngSingapore 10 12

4 more games to the end. Realistically I guess only the top 5 stand a chance at the finals. David is in if he wins at least 2 games tomorrow. For the rest, spread will be an important factor.

Round 12 update

Standings after game 12:

1 David EldarAustralia 10 993
2 Austin ShinEngland 9 786
3 Toh WeibinSingapore 9 159
4 Alastair RichardsAustralia 8.5 513
5 Pasit NatearphaThailand 8.5 51
6 Will NedigerCanada 8 448
7 Lee Guan HuiSingapore 8 350
8 Thanapong KukietThailand 8 344
9 Benjamin ChowSingapore 8 296
10 Chaiwat WuthinitikorThailand 8 3

12 down, just 8 more to go. Highest averages: David(451), Austin(427), Suanne(411), Guan Hui(410)

David won the last 8 games by an ave. margin of 111 pts, bringing him 1 game clear of the field with a gargantuan spread....Austin and Weibin are hot on their heels and they play next

Joshua has played the most Thais (5), winning 4 of them. Suanne won the last 4 games, jumping from 36th to 11th. Pasit(THA) won 6.5 of the last 7 games, climbing to 5th/

S'poreans place 3rd, 7th, 9th, 15th, 18th and 19th

M'sians place 11th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 24th, 27th, 30th, 31st, 36th and 39th.

Thais place 5th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 13th and 22nd.

I find it interesting that in all 6 annotated games shown the Singapore player ended up losing(even in game 5 where Kian boon and weibin played )

Friday, December 01, 2006


107 page views so far today and counting. Not bad ...

For tomorrow i will pick the most (strategically) interesting game for annotation and analysis so keep checking back for updates.

Annotations will be colour-coded from the next one onwards by equity loss as follows:
Perfect play
Minimal loss (<5>
Average loss (5-10pts)

High loss (10-20 pts)
Blunder (20+ pts)

I guess most of the table 1 games will be covered tomorrow so we shouldn't be seeing many high losses..

120 page views today
from M'sia, Australia, India, Singapore, Ontario, Kenya, UK, Philippines, Thailand and Japan

Game 8 annotation: David vs Austin

After 7 rounds,all Singaporean players are in the top 12. Good indeed..

View the finished game here

Do post in the comments, for if there isn't enough response I won't be doing any more of these till the finals.

Annotation with equity using Quackle sims (500-1000+ iterations)

Austin: SPEWJIS 8g JEW 26 Best.

David: SIMI 25 Exch II beats it by 3 pts, due to the obvious bonus potential of EIMRS

Austin:ZIG/EIPSS 26 Best. Not worth using the S for 2 more pts.

David:RORIE/EIR 6 A nice rack cleaning play, but it doesn't score. G6 ROJI(13)
beats it by 7 pts.

Austin:LISP/EIS 26 Nearly best. Slightly better by 2 pts is L11 SIP(24).

David: RAX/DEIRT 27 Clearly best. 5H OXIDATE(30) doesn't come close.

Austin:4f TARTIEST 66 Austin fails to find the optimal bingo, 13g ETATIST(75)

David: 3a RETIRED 75 Best. Also RETIRED in the same spot.

Austin: OGRE/LQU 18 An interesting choice to say the least, opting to keep the QU combination with a modest score. Also not on Quackle's list of plays.

After 1200 2 ply iterations:

Move Score Equ Bogowin%
M1 QUOTE 28 22.5 57.0
A1 OGRE 18 17.3 54.1
M1 QUITE 28 16.6 52.9
M1 QUITE 26 14.3 50.6
2E EGO 22 9.5 53.9

Dumping the Q for 28 is best.The Q gives up little ground. GIL isn't 6 pts better than GLO, but there are 6 Os unseen and only 2 unseen Is.

David: AUROrAE 75 Best. The only bingo playable.

Austin: COLE/IQU 32 OLEIC(37) in the same place is better by 4 pts. CAIQUE D1 is the only other close option.

David: UPBYE/FN. 27 Best, cleanly above the next play by a full 7 pts.

Austin: QUIT/AIKR 26 Best, beating L1 QUASI (24) by 1.5 pts.

David: FOEN/MVW 40 Best, despite the crappy leave.

Austin: BUNK/LAIR 20 The tight board offers few good options. The defensive 1A OINK(25) is 2 pts better. The open K isn't much of a threat though.

David: DOW/?EMV 28 David takes forever on this move, due to some technical errors. However DEV(29) simulates 5.5 pts better. After DEV we average 42.4 pts on the next turn, compared to 39.3 for DOW. ?MOW likely has better synergy and makes more bingos than ?MEV which is much less flexible.

Austin: WAIF/AELR 30 Best. Good score and leave

David:HM/AELV? 24 David misses 6d HAEM(44). It scores 21 pts more but only 4 more in equ, due to the potential of ?AELV.

Austin: HULA/RATE 21 Best. The good leave will pay off soon.

David: LEV/?AGT 21 Best. The V is a real hindrance to a potential bingo.

Austin: ETAERIO 77 Best. Austin plays the most high-probability bingo.

David: CADENT/G? 24 David is trailing by 21 pts after Austin's comeback bingo. ADHNNNOSVY is unseen. From the tile pool, there is a small possibility of HULAS/SYNANON, so the line must be blocked. CADENT is best, winning 56% of the time.

Austin: VENA 9 A weird move. 13H DAVY(28) is much better. But David would out with OHiNG(21) to win by 4.

David: HAGDON 11 winning 390-369.

Conclusion: A closely fought, but not a very exciting game with 2 bingos per side. Play was generally quite good as no bingos were missed.

Equity lost: Austin 43 David 10
Score per move: austin 30.8 David 32.5

Top 10 after day 1
1 Austin ShinEngland 7 638
2 Alastair RichardsAustralia 7 500
3 Thacha KoowiratThailand 6 645
4 David EldarAustralia 6 535
5 Marcus GohSingapore 6 336
6 Toh WeibinSingapore 6 300
7 Joshua SngSingapore 6 27
8 Chaiwat WuthinitikorThailand 6 18
9 Liew Kian BoonSingapore 5 520
10 Sherwin RodriguesIndia 5 320

Ave S'pore player position: 8.7
Ave M'sia player position: 28.5
Ave Aus player position: 22.6

good Surprises: Marcus, weibin, Chaiwat, sean chung, mohd zafar( won last 5)
bad surprises: Yi En, Suanne

WYSC after 1 round

Surprisingly, David isn't in the top 5, but he'll surely get there soon. Vimalan Raviraj of Canada leads briefly with a spread of 223 and plays Kian boon next.

Sherwin loses to Ben by 27. Joshua beats a Thai by a mere 3 points.

All of the Singapore players won their first game. 7 of the 10 malaysians, including Suanne, have lost their first game.