Wednesday, November 08, 2006

3 days in the wordls' most livable city

So the sign reads: " the state library accepts no responsibility for security on the internet.."

But who cares. I'm blogging free in the Melbourne State Library, and there's not many people around anyway. This should be my last post before returning next Sunday, since I'm unlikely to get any free access anywhere else(the hotel charges A$6 an hour) .The library here is much nicer than any I've seen so far-huge cavernous rooms, high-ceilings, carpeted interiors and huge collections. I'm in the chess room, but chess players are typically not friendly and will seldom play out of their own circles. So forget about getting a game at all.

Some impressions- Melbourne is really lush and green, and full of historic and modern buildings at nearly every corner. I've takens ome interesting pictures of the sights, which include a scenic trip down the great ocean road of Victoria state, full of gorges, spectacular scenery, rolling hills and untouched beaches. I've walked through some parts of the city centre, which is full of hip shops, roadside cafes and many Victorian stone buildings. In a nutshell, it's very much like London or any European town. Food here isn't cheap, but the portions are 2 to 3 times what you would normally get in Singapore. The chinese food,I must say, is much fresher( and tastier) than Singapore.isThe weather has been rather chilly, temperatures ranging between 8C at night to 21C at midday, not counting the wind chill.

I'll be flying to Hobart on Friday and returning back to Melbourne the next Thursday, so I can visit the club again.

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Anonymous said...

Hubart, you going to Hobart, are you? I've personally never visited Hobart, but Hubart, if you are visiting Hobart, can you take me some pictures of them blonde Hobartian chicks? Don't just focus on the "gorges, spectacular scenery, rolling hills and untouched beaches," you alluded to in your blog. Go shoot me some pictures of them gorgeous, spectacular, blondes rolling untouched on the beaches, will you? You can do that for me Hobart, I mean, Hubart...