Thursday, November 30, 2006

the day is nigh..

WYSC starts tomorrow.

David will most likely win, unless he is outdrawn and outplayed in the playoffs. But looking at his warmup results, that seems rather unlikely.

I expect David to make the finals with either Sherwin or Austin. It would be nice to see Benjamin there too

My predictions ( don't take too seriously )

chance of reaching the finals:

David Eldar 90%
Austin Shin 40%
Sherwin 35%
Benjamin 30%
Suanne 27%
Kian boon 25%
Will nediger22% ( Surprising 4th in day 2 warmup tourney)
Joshua 20%
Yi En 18%
Alastair 15%
GH 15%
Sean Chung 8%

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Back from KL and the numerous hours of shopping and walking.

Enough talk for now.

Time to own the rest of the tourneys.

And I mean it.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Going off

tmr morning at 6 to KL and Malacca for several days.

Club today was hurried as I had to go off at 4 pm. Nevertheless squeezed in 3 games with Dorai and Yen nee. The high game with yen nee is shown below. Final score 515-486 to me.

Friday, November 24, 2006

How many wins for CSC top 10?

The answer is 14.

Based on previous Causeway results, the 10th finisher has consistently had a winning % of 55-57%. Gerry Carter, who finished 10th 2 years ago 16-13 with the same number of players. Translated into 25 games, the minimum is 13.8 wins. Even for last year, it works out roughly to 13.67 - 14/24*30/32 *25
However a lopsided field (low-rated Indian players) may raise the bar required by a bit.

Of course, 14 is not enough for me. Maybe 17 or 18 for a top 5 finish..

And, yes, I know there's a mini 5 days before the big event :) :) :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Melbourne photos

After a really tiring 14 days of travelling all over Melbourne and Tasmania, and staying in 7 different hotels, it sure feels good to be back. The weather in Melbourne was highly variable-on Wednesday there was snow in some parts, and on Sunday it was 13-31 C. Tasmania was not very enjoyable as it is a really cold and quiet place-the shops are closed and streets empty after 6, save for the bustle of the Salamanca market which sold everything imaginable.

Go here for the full album of 130+ photos. The main highlights are shown after this

One of the many scenic spots along the Great ocean road of the Victoria coast.

The 'Twelve Apostles', also along the Great ocean road

A huge plate of roast chicken noodles on the first day cost A$8.50.

The log cabin in cradle mountain, Tasmania on Wed morning, blanketed with snow

A picturesque view of the city skyline from the Royal botanical gardens, with perfect weather to boot.

Another lovely scene from the conservatory of Fitzroy Gardens

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

cradle mountain update

I'm now waiting for my coach back to Launceston from the Frigid cradle mountain-temp has hovered between 0 and 6 C and it had been raining and snowing heavily for all of yesterday. Even with some sort of a fireplace in the cabin it was still freezing for most of the day..Scenery is quite good though and the air and water is really fresh..

Returning to s'pore in 4 days-can't wait to get back to a warmer climate...............

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

3 days in the wordls' most livable city

So the sign reads: " the state library accepts no responsibility for security on the internet.."

But who cares. I'm blogging free in the Melbourne State Library, and there's not many people around anyway. This should be my last post before returning next Sunday, since I'm unlikely to get any free access anywhere else(the hotel charges A$6 an hour) .The library here is much nicer than any I've seen so far-huge cavernous rooms, high-ceilings, carpeted interiors and huge collections. I'm in the chess room, but chess players are typically not friendly and will seldom play out of their own circles. So forget about getting a game at all.

Some impressions- Melbourne is really lush and green, and full of historic and modern buildings at nearly every corner. I've takens ome interesting pictures of the sights, which include a scenic trip down the great ocean road of Victoria state, full of gorges, spectacular scenery, rolling hills and untouched beaches. I've walked through some parts of the city centre, which is full of hip shops, roadside cafes and many Victorian stone buildings. In a nutshell, it's very much like London or any European town. Food here isn't cheap, but the portions are 2 to 3 times what you would normally get in Singapore. The chinese food,I must say, is much fresher( and tastier) than Singapore.isThe weather has been rather chilly, temperatures ranging between 8C at night to 21C at midday, not counting the wind chill.

I'll be flying to Hobart on Friday and returning back to Melbourne the next Thursday, so I can visit the club again.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Some delayed photos

Jobeth recently gave me the idea of taking photos, so I'll try to take more in Melbourne..

The shoping centre lobby

A sign of things to come next year.........

An aerial view of Chatchawin losing.