Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tiring day

Reached Jurong Point at 12pm, hung around for a while before heading to JGCC at 2.15pm. Only Marcus and Serene were present, so started playing with Marcus.. By the way I will be quite busy the next few weeks-wedding next Sat then 2 weeks overseas so it was a good time to get in some games.

I begin with a natural ENLARGE(70) and follow up with URINATOR(66) 2 moves later. He has GIRNIEST(70) and FRACT(36) to keep up the pace. Later I get UNSEAMeD(88) and KHAN(38) to his ULZIE(49) and SANDAlS(66). His last rack is the unproductive BCOTVXU. I win 481-429.

I play Victor soon after. I start with SHANTY keeping S while he dummps YU(20) and gets TERPENE(82) in the middle of the board. I play TOTALISE (66) and PrANKLED(103) 2 moves later much to his despair.....After many rounds of mediocre scoring, he gets fown TREATEr(62), allowing me AEONIAN(79) with 5 overlaps. Win 485-375.

Then Dorai turns up and contributes yet even more warped humor with hilarious and nonsensical vibes thrown in.....Lawrence appears and we play two rounds of Blue moon City with Victor and Prakash.

We head for dinner at 7.15pm with GH and Kian Boon, where Dorai supplies us with more gossips and humour.

Then we return to play the final game of Blue Moon, which Prakash wins for the 2nd time-not bad at all, considering it's his first time playing the game

After a while I play the final game with Dorai..I am getting rather tired and make a 100 pt phony the first move. He exchanges and I get ANESTRA(66) 2 turns later. He tries WREAVE which gets challenged off quickly. Later I get BETAiNE(71) to lead by over 100. But he gains ground with REIGNED(76), ADORERS(64) and a penultimate STAPLiNG(63) which i could have blocked. I squeak out a close endgame to win by 12.

I leave just after 10pm with Dorai. The trip back is fairly uneventful, save for the constant tweaking of the radio volume.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hubert, Brudder... Guess who, it's your best friend, I'll just take on the pseudonym of RADIO so that none will recognise me (I'm a very shy and private person.)

Btw, I notice that you made good reference to my other good friend DORAI. - a very intelligent and charismatic gentleman I must say. Most impressed with his Scrabble Skills.

Anyway, I heard from DORAI about the tweaking of the radio volume. He was very impressed with your diversionary/covert operational skills - "Hey Dorai look the haze is worse" while you stealthily moved to reduce his radio volume (to eventually 0 I'm sure), while he was left puzzled and wondering about whey you are suddently making small talk about the haze. And also wondering if his radio needs repairing...

And about that warped/weird humour - I agree with you completely. His humour is so warped and weird it shouldn't even be called humour! I promise to have a word with DORAI, and to convince him to tone down his humour.

Tsk! Tsk! why didn't he attend comedy school. Humour is such an important skill to have these days!

Anyway, congratulations on gaining the No. 1 spot in Singapore. But watch out, just between you and me, I hear that DORAI's brushing up on his 2-letter words. He'll very soon be good enough to challenge you for the no. 1 spot, but I have every faith in your abilities to maintain your position.

Also, good luck with the Melbourne trip. Wish you a safe and enjoyable trip, and I Look forward to playing Scrabble with you again.

Yours Faithfully,


Hubert wee said...

That's all very interesting, but it's pretty obvious that it's the same guy. Congrats for posting the longest comment so far..