Monday, October 16, 2006


I'm elated. Won the mini by 2 games, and achieved the all time 2nd highest rating of 1973. I had 3 bingos in the last game, but was overloaded with vowels in between and didn't win. I also made some nice plays, like AZIONES(124) and WIST(AR)IAs(65). I missed 4 bingos total, 3 of which I chickened out of. Fortunately I won all those games. Bring on Causeway. ..

The birthday celebration was quite good- attended by Victor, Marcus, Yen Nee, Dorai, Marlon, Tony, Sarah, Prakash, Henry and Andy. Lots of gossip and weird humour contributed by Dorai. The service was quite slow but I wasn't really bothered anyway. After the set dinner we bought a chocolate truffle cake and finished it. Also received quite a few presents of which too many were chocolates, now I have 3 boxes of chocolates and some cadbury bars (from Marcus) sitting around. Now
there's such a thing as too much of a good thing. Yen Nee's Border's voucher was by far the most practical

Record: 8-1 +547
Ave. score: 441-380
Bingos: 21-12 (2.33-1.33)

J:6/9 (54/130 41.5%)
Q:4/9 (73/130 56.1%)
X:5/9 (67/130 51.5%)
Z:4/9 (62/130 47.7%)

S:21/36 (248/520 47.7%)
Blanks:12/18 (125/260 48.1%)

Hoping to hit 2000 soon.


Anonymous said...

I Tell you i'm gonna feed you to a dog one of these days!!!

merlion said...

Your bingos on the results slip are illegible. Can you list?

Anonymous said...

its WEIRD.