Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I will be holidaying in Melbourne and Tasmania in the first wk of November for about 2 weeks. Which is good because I have already been to every other Australian city. So it remains to be seen whether I will play in the Serangoon mini..

Melbourne is Australia's most european city and is a hub of arts, shopping and fashion. It lacks the iconic symbols of Sydney but has a clearly British architectural style. Tasmania is a land of untainted beauty, a welcome change from the concrete jungle of Singapore. I also found out the melbourne scrabble club which is in a quaint hotel not far from the city center. It is frequented by Andrew and Naween so i will be popping in for a few games.


Henry Yeo said...

dang it,

we don't need you to get any stronger, hubert.
Just stay where you are right now and stop sprinting.

Anonymous said...

Run, Hubert, Run!