Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tiring day

Reached Jurong Point at 12pm, hung around for a while before heading to JGCC at 2.15pm. Only Marcus and Serene were present, so started playing with Marcus.. By the way I will be quite busy the next few weeks-wedding next Sat then 2 weeks overseas so it was a good time to get in some games.

I begin with a natural ENLARGE(70) and follow up with URINATOR(66) 2 moves later. He has GIRNIEST(70) and FRACT(36) to keep up the pace. Later I get UNSEAMeD(88) and KHAN(38) to his ULZIE(49) and SANDAlS(66). His last rack is the unproductive BCOTVXU. I win 481-429.

I play Victor soon after. I start with SHANTY keeping S while he dummps YU(20) and gets TERPENE(82) in the middle of the board. I play TOTALISE (66) and PrANKLED(103) 2 moves later much to his despair.....After many rounds of mediocre scoring, he gets fown TREATEr(62), allowing me AEONIAN(79) with 5 overlaps. Win 485-375.

Then Dorai turns up and contributes yet even more warped humor with hilarious and nonsensical vibes thrown in.....Lawrence appears and we play two rounds of Blue moon City with Victor and Prakash.

We head for dinner at 7.15pm with GH and Kian Boon, where Dorai supplies us with more gossips and humour.

Then we return to play the final game of Blue Moon, which Prakash wins for the 2nd time-not bad at all, considering it's his first time playing the game

After a while I play the final game with Dorai..I am getting rather tired and make a 100 pt phony the first move. He exchanges and I get ANESTRA(66) 2 turns later. He tries WREAVE which gets challenged off quickly. Later I get BETAiNE(71) to lead by over 100. But he gains ground with REIGNED(76), ADORERS(64) and a penultimate STAPLiNG(63) which i could have blocked. I squeak out a close endgame to win by 12.

I leave just after 10pm with Dorai. The trip back is fairly uneventful, save for the constant tweaking of the radio volume.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I will be holidaying in Melbourne and Tasmania in the first wk of November for about 2 weeks. Which is good because I have already been to every other Australian city. So it remains to be seen whether I will play in the Serangoon mini..

Melbourne is Australia's most european city and is a hub of arts, shopping and fashion. It lacks the iconic symbols of Sydney but has a clearly British architectural style. Tasmania is a land of untainted beauty, a welcome change from the concrete jungle of Singapore. I also found out the melbourne scrabble club which is in a quaint hotel not far from the city center. It is frequented by Andrew and Naween so i will be popping in for a few games.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Run out of topics to post.

Post what you would want to see in the comments..

Monday, October 16, 2006


I'm elated. Won the mini by 2 games, and achieved the all time 2nd highest rating of 1973. I had 3 bingos in the last game, but was overloaded with vowels in between and didn't win. I also made some nice plays, like AZIONES(124) and WIST(AR)IAs(65). I missed 4 bingos total, 3 of which I chickened out of. Fortunately I won all those games. Bring on Causeway. ..

The birthday celebration was quite good- attended by Victor, Marcus, Yen Nee, Dorai, Marlon, Tony, Sarah, Prakash, Henry and Andy. Lots of gossip and weird humour contributed by Dorai. The service was quite slow but I wasn't really bothered anyway. After the set dinner we bought a chocolate truffle cake and finished it. Also received quite a few presents of which too many were chocolates, now I have 3 boxes of chocolates and some cadbury bars (from Marcus) sitting around. Now
there's such a thing as too much of a good thing. Yen Nee's Border's voucher was by far the most practical

Record: 8-1 +547
Ave. score: 441-380
Bingos: 21-12 (2.33-1.33)

J:6/9 (54/130 41.5%)
Q:4/9 (73/130 56.1%)
X:5/9 (67/130 51.5%)
Z:4/9 (62/130 47.7%)

S:21/36 (248/520 47.7%)
Blanks:12/18 (125/260 48.1%)

Hoping to hit 2000 soon.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


A great end to a great day. I won the mini convincingly, had my birthday celebrated at Han's and achieved a new peak rating.

More on the mini later.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Still in KL

Another typical day of sightseeing and shopping. Departed for the futuristic (and also quite deserted) Putrajaya, a 30 min ride from the KL city centre. managed to catch a good look of the PM's office, a huge building with evident European styles, PM's residence, a stately hilltop mansion and a magnificent mosque equipped with shops and numerous food outlets. The landscaping was pristine and well-done. After the tour returned to the hotel for a huge buffet lunch and more shopping- the spread was extremely good- Lontong, pork cutlets, lamb, fried noodles, glutinous rice, pizza, pasta, laksa, hot waffles, prawn rolls, salad, ice-cream and a long table of delicious cakes and desserts.

Friday, October 06, 2006

in KL

It's nearing midnight in KL and I just checked in after a really long day. Won't be returning to Singapore until late Sunday night. Indeed I was nicely surprised to find free broadband internet access in the plush and spacious room. Now if only Zon Regency Hotel could offer such services.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Oct 15 celebration..

For those who don't already know, I will be celebrating my GM title and birthday (which falls 3 days after) at Hans Great Eastern Life after the mini.