Tuesday, September 26, 2006

stats summary

The following is a full summary of toucanet's stats and other odds and ends.

Highest tourney average: 504.5, Nigel, Singapore Open 2000
Highest tourney average by a local player (major): 465.18, Cheah, 2003 harmony cup
Highest tourney average by a local player (mini): 484, Tony, Aug 03 mini

Highest peak rating: Tony
Most national titles: ditto
Most games:ditto (1012)
Most 500+ games:ditto
Most day 2 comebacks: ditto, find out yourself

Most minis won: Andy
Most games in a year: 175- Quek and Andy, 2002
Highest overall average: 428.84, Cheah
Best yearly winning % : Cheah, 2001 (84-35, 70.6%)
Largest rating jump: Joshua, 2004 M Cup
Most draws:Jessie (7)
Highest % of draws: Jocelyn (6/373 1.6%)
Fewest draws: Michael (0)

Youngest GM: Myself
Highest current rating: Myself
Highest ave. without scoring 500: 443.5, Myself, Safra mini 2005

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