Monday, September 18, 2006

JG report

So I won again... I can't say I'm surprised after the intense preparation I did. ZP was caught for hiding blanks and was rightly disqualified.

Anyway, stats and game reports:


Record: 6-1 +401
Ave. score:427-369
Ave. moves:12.57-12.43
Ave. score per move:33.97-29.68
Ave. tiles played:50-47.4
Ave. score/tile: 8.54-7.78


Game 2 vs Guan Hui- He starts with PEEVED(30). I have EGLNTVY and play LEVY(18). I get EXPIATED(107) and ELICITED(63) to his MOJO(33), TRAYING*(24) and QUOIF(45). I maintain the scoring with HAJI(42) and KUZU(31) while he strikes with DREADErS(80), trailing by a mere 28. Then I slap down TINNiEST(70) and he doesn't block my out-bingo of ALMOSTU + I (99). I end up winning 536-362.

Game 3 vs Andy- Andy begins with THRANG, getting a challenge from me. I play ELOiNED(68) and AXE(56) while he has LITOTES(74). After 6 turns, I have a slim 28 pt lead. With 7 in the bag, he bingos but empties the bag and allows me to out with NEWSIER(75), catching him with the Q, winning by 10. A very close shave.

Game 4 vs Michael- I start with AEEEGGL, and play EAGLE(14). His racks are scarcely better, and a slow blockish game results. After 9 turns, the scores are 179-215. But I get down SAURIES(70) while he struggles with small scores.
He misses ABELNS? +T (T has to be in 6th ) to go out. I win 343-299.

Game 5 vs Ben- I have AEIISTT to begin-so close to a bingo. He has GOIER(12) and GOY(22) to my THO(21) and KAF(21) after which I get rEMISED(79) to take the lead. I immediately draw the next blank but don't use it until turn 9- ADDINO? + L goes down for 80. Meanwhile my comfort of sitting on a 170 pt lead is being quickly erased by his back to back bingos of BONESET(66) and ANSWERER(86). I leave no chances and have to block the R, leaving 1 in the bag. I am careful not to give him an outplay and finish first, winning by 45.

Game 6 vs LiWei. He opens with DAUBY(30). I have EFFPRNS and play the obvious PUFF(20), drawing LXT. He gets UREAsES(71) while I score well with SWORN(33), QATS(50, HAW(30). Later he gets COpITAS(85) to lead by 35 on a closed board. I have AAIIRSV and can't do much. Lose by 73.

Game 7 vs Tony: I start with YEX(26), and he replies with KOAN(40). I get down the first bingo, OUTPLoD(72), followed by REFiLLS(72) and maintain the lead to the end. He has no reply.

Game 8 vs Michael. I have to lose by less than 45 to win the tourney. But I get 4 easy bingos- ARSINES(85), GUNTERS(77), FEEBLEST(78) and a late pAINTIER(66) to his OVERaTE(71) and KHAT(48) to win easily 514-376.

I was indeed pleased to get my title, and also now the highest rated. As such, I guess I will be skipping the Oct mini. It's time to take a short break.


Anonymous said...

Well done, and about time too. Now do us all a favor and win the Causeway Cup.

Anonymous said...

What! Sit out the oct mini? Trying to be like AWORDNERD on ISC?

sonic said...

well congratulations, so finally you've got it.