Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Even more musings

SIGH. Scrabble is unfair.

61.5% record in majors but never in the top 3. Twice I lost out on spread. Nothing much u can do about those unwinnables. Tony had a 73.5% record and was 1st, 1st and 2nd.

I've been mired in the high 1800s for too long. I know the rating system is screwed but still..I frankly need a breakthrough tourney. Now that the ratings are a tad more balanced, the time may just be right..

Not a great deal of interesting games this year. Only like 1.67 bingos a game but my non-bingo scoring is stronger than ever. In first 4 games of nats, opp. bingoed first every time but I had 89, 90, 91, 96 pts in first 3 moves. I ended up winning 3 of those games. Even Marlon challenged my BOV(A)TES (48) (kept A !!)

Highest bingo this year: 176 against Bro. Arun (he was apparently rather displeased after finding it was good, whats more it was played through a Y of all letters)
Highest score:619 against Ricky, still stands as the only 600+ score in Div A in 2006. How could Gan have ALIQUOTS(208) and not hit 600..
HIGHEST SPREAD: 356 against Sarah(I think ricky's +380 against Dorai is higher)
best finish: 3rd..ugh



merlion said...

There were actually 4 majors - MC,LBH,SO,Nat. Stats need to be revised.

Hubert wee said...

Counted MC already, but it is down on my list for its lack of prizes.

sean collum said...
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Anonymous said...