Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Causeway and other musings

At the rate I'm going, I'll probably be playing in Premier at CSC. Fine then. I'll need to finish at 8th or better just to recoup the 100US reg. fee and other charges. The upside is that I'll be meeting players I haven't played like Naween, Fisher and some indians. I am sure that the combined might of the AUS team-Fisher, Naween, David, Ed and Chris May could be enough to bring the juggernaut down. Apart from that, the Thai team will be pretty strong if Pakorn/Panupol go but apart from that I reckon Fisher, naween and Eldar have the best chances of ousting ganesh.

Back to mini post-portem- 6 bingos missed overall( 4 sevens, 2 eights), about 1 every 2 games. Not surprising as I had been only mugging 8s of late. Chickened out of 2 of them, including AEEKMNW for 108 pts against Henry, which would have brought the score to 313 pts in 6 turns. Apart from that not many non-bingo misses, as I had many racks for which the best move was fairly obvious. No missed 9s this time. I track correctly most of the time now. Knowing opp's last rack helps, especially when the score is close, but not many close endgames this time(probably a good thing)

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