Monday, July 31, 2006

Tricky endgame

Find the winningest play. Beware, the highest score isn't always best.

This a test for the true endgame master. And u have to track correctly for it to work too.


Anonymous said...

MOWR isn't a word. And any bingo thru the E wins 100% of games, I think.

Hubert wee said...

Not 100%. There are still 6 possible bingos in 2 spots. The pool doesn't look that good, but it is potent for making 8s.

merlion said...

Play MID/DI to set up another bingo line. If opponent now bingos, you shud have many choices to bingo out and win.

Hubert wee said...

HID(21) is best. This leaves 2 in the bag and Quackle always empties it. But who in their right mind would not play the bingo, with no S or blanks unseen..Only a very cautious player would.

2860 full-game sims:
Move Win% Spread
b13 HID 99.9% 79.1
15f DEERSkIN 95.3% 42.0
7i MID 90.7% 50.3
f4 NEaRSIDES 90.4% 54.2
f2 DINnERS 88.2% 55.3
f2 vERDINS 90% 49.9

Anonymous said...

6 possible? could you please tell to me them?

Anonymous said...

what about OD DI???