Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More musings

I have just finished analysing all my games. It appears I was not playing as poorly as I thought.

Missed bingos in just 6 of the 15 games. Just 10 bingos missed overall, 2 of which were nines through disconnected letters. So it's actually 8. Missed just 2 bingos on Day 2, yet did better on day 1. Geez.

129 of my 189 moves(68%) were best. EQ loss was quite minimal. Got away with a few phonies, only one was a bingo.
Is this a phony contest or what? 14 players played unchallenged phony bingos, and that's not counting those which were challenged off. Surprisingly Ricky is not among that group. Guanhui appears to be the one who let most phonies pass-4.

So apparently those with the most bingos(Dorai) and highest average(Ricky) didn't make the top 5. Looks like there is more to the game than you think.


sonic said...

And I get special mention for not phonying... oh wow...

I've long known how to get high score in exchange for low defence, and often employ that. I'm surprised you don't yet. Yes, it doesn't always translate to wins.

Anonymous said...

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