Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Finally back from Bangkok. Started the tourney on a high note with 4 straight wins and a place at the top table but later slided to a 14-13 +716 finish, 32nd out of 85 players. David Eldar lost the penultimate game to Femi awowade, who qualified for the finals, winning the first game narrowly but losing the next 2 games to Nigel. First game was a very blockish, defensive game which femi eked out a winning advantaged, but Nigel drew the bag next 2 games.


Day 1- 4-1, + 452, in 8th place...Ave: 430.4-340,Bingos: 9-4

Day 2- 3-5 - 108, in 30th place...Ave: 400.8-414.3, Bingos: 14-13

Day 3: 5-2 +251, in 15th place...Ave: 417.4- 381.6, Bingos: 11-10

Day 4: 2-5 +121, 32nd...Ave:423.7-406.4, Bingos: 15-9

Highlights: Played 24 different players this year,8 of which i had not played before, compared to 18 last year.I managed to avoid all Malaysians this time after meeting 11 of them at Penang.

This time I did play quite a few players I hadn't met before including Radhika (India), Pakorn, Ricardo (Saudi Arabia) and several Thais. Unlike last year, I did not play anyone more than twice.

Country Record Win%
THA.....6-7 +257 46.1%
SIN......2-3 +223 40%
PHI.....1-2 +54 33.3%
IND.....2-0 +85 100%
AUS.....1-1 -90 50%
PAK......1-0 +44 100%
SAU......1-0 +148 100%

-2 10-letters words played in my games, both were unsuccessfully challenged- my AD-VANTAGED(32) against Ball and Sompong's P-ETIOLATED making GRaPIEST.
-Witnessed the very exciting game between Cheah and Nigel. Cheah started with 3 good bingos- CHAPMEN, HEADING and HINDERER but Nigel came back with 4 bingos and won 547-482 .
- I played 2 9-timers for 176 and 149, both against Thais. My 3 best games were against Thais, from which I harvested 715 points of spread.
-15 bingos to 9 on last day and still 2-5..what's going on here..For one Odette played 7 consecutive 40+ non-bingo plays( and 1 bingo) against me to my 3 bingos and won narrowly
-David's rise to the top and his winning streak was most unexpected.
-Gerry, Cheah and Nigel are the only players in the top 10 for both Penang and Bangkok

-Interestingly, there were more games with 0 or 2 blanks (19) than with 1. Normally one is expected to get 1 blank 50% of the time. I did however play 3 double-blank bingos


Ave score: 416.9-391
Total moves:352-347
Ave. moves per game: 13.03- 12.85
Ave. score per move: 31.96- 30.43

Tiles drawn: 51.2-49.8
Tiles played:50.8-46.6
Ave. score per tile: 8.21- 8.39

Bingos: 47-37 (1.74 - 1.37)


Record with 0 blanks: 1-8
Record with 1 blank:5-3
Record with 2 blanks: 8-2

S:45/ 108


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