Sunday, July 23, 2006

After nats

Slightly disappointing finish, after starting out with 6 wins in 8 games. Ended 10-6 +206 in sixth place, inclusive of a bye. Missed some tough nines, both through disconnected letters, in both cases that was the sole bingo. Also managed to put my tracking to good use against Guo Cong in the first game, for the first time. I got his final rack correct, blocked his only outplay and proceeded to win narrowly, converting a slow start into a win.


Ave. score: 420-410
Ave. moves per game:12.6-12.3
Ave. score per move:33.3- 33.2

Ave. tiles played:50.5-46.3
Ave. tiles drawn:51.5-48.5
Ave. score per tile:8.32-8.85
Ave. tiles unplayed:3.2

J: 6/15 (38/97 39.2% )
Q: 9/15(55/97 56.7%)
X :5/15( 46/97 47.4%)
Z :9/15 (45/97 46.4%)

S:31/60 (178/388, 45.9%)

Blanks:15/30 ( 92/194 47.4%)


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