Monday, July 31, 2006

Tricky endgame

Find the winningest play. Beware, the highest score isn't always best.

This a test for the true endgame master. And u have to track correctly for it to work too.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More musings

I have just finished analysing all my games. It appears I was not playing as poorly as I thought.

Missed bingos in just 6 of the 15 games. Just 10 bingos missed overall, 2 of which were nines through disconnected letters. So it's actually 8. Missed just 2 bingos on Day 2, yet did better on day 1. Geez.

129 of my 189 moves(68%) were best. EQ loss was quite minimal. Got away with a few phonies, only one was a bingo.
Is this a phony contest or what? 14 players played unchallenged phony bingos, and that's not counting those which were challenged off. Surprisingly Ricky is not among that group. Guanhui appears to be the one who let most phonies pass-4.

So apparently those with the most bingos(Dorai) and highest average(Ricky) didn't make the top 5. Looks like there is more to the game than you think.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Find the winning sequence. Believe it or not, there is actually one. 22 pts down with 6 vowels, it was looking really difficult.

Some player stats

Most games played so far
Cheah, Tony, ZP....90
Li Wei....87
Yen Nee...79

Highest ave./spread


Sunday, July 23, 2006

After nats

Slightly disappointing finish, after starting out with 6 wins in 8 games. Ended 10-6 +206 in sixth place, inclusive of a bye. Missed some tough nines, both through disconnected letters, in both cases that was the sole bingo. Also managed to put my tracking to good use against Guo Cong in the first game, for the first time. I got his final rack correct, blocked his only outplay and proceeded to win narrowly, converting a slow start into a win.


Ave. score: 420-410
Ave. moves per game:12.6-12.3
Ave. score per move:33.3- 33.2

Ave. tiles played:50.5-46.3
Ave. tiles drawn:51.5-48.5
Ave. score per tile:8.32-8.85
Ave. tiles unplayed:3.2

J: 6/15 (38/97 39.2% )
Q: 9/15(55/97 56.7%)
X :5/15( 46/97 47.4%)
Z :9/15 (45/97 46.4%)

S:31/60 (178/388, 45.9%)

Blanks:15/30 ( 92/194 47.4%)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Really shouldn't have gone for the mini, knowing how tightly competitive it would be. But how could i resist anyway. Just my luck to be in a 6-player division, having to play kb 4 times out of 8 and dropping 3 of them, mainly due to lousy tiles and unfriendly boards.

Anyway, nationals is in a few days and it is time to make a comeback.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Q in various words

Shown below are the frequency of words containing Q in my Penang-BKK games.

18 different words..QI/QIS occurs 19 times out of 45 (42%)

Word/Ave score
QI 15x...21.1
QAT 7...27.7
QIS 4...32
QAID 4...28.8
QUAI 2...35.5
QUINS ..47

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bangkok analysis and other whatnot

21 games analyzed, 6 more to go.

Missed 14 bingos in 21 games.

Day 1 ave. EQ loss: 75.6 (4-1)
Day 2: still working out
Day 3: 55.7 (5-2)
Day 4:79.7 (2-5)

Best game so far is game 27 against yen nee ( just 13 pts lost in 13 turns)

Based on the extremely few people reading my blog (10 page views/day), there is really little need to post so often from now on.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Finally back from Bangkok. Started the tourney on a high note with 4 straight wins and a place at the top table but later slided to a 14-13 +716 finish, 32nd out of 85 players. David Eldar lost the penultimate game to Femi awowade, who qualified for the finals, winning the first game narrowly but losing the next 2 games to Nigel. First game was a very blockish, defensive game which femi eked out a winning advantaged, but Nigel drew the bag next 2 games.


Day 1- 4-1, + 452, in 8th place...Ave: 430.4-340,Bingos: 9-4

Day 2- 3-5 - 108, in 30th place...Ave: 400.8-414.3, Bingos: 14-13

Day 3: 5-2 +251, in 15th place...Ave: 417.4- 381.6, Bingos: 11-10

Day 4: 2-5 +121, 32nd...Ave:423.7-406.4, Bingos: 15-9

Highlights: Played 24 different players this year,8 of which i had not played before, compared to 18 last year.I managed to avoid all Malaysians this time after meeting 11 of them at Penang.

This time I did play quite a few players I hadn't met before including Radhika (India), Pakorn, Ricardo (Saudi Arabia) and several Thais. Unlike last year, I did not play anyone more than twice.

Country Record Win%
THA.....6-7 +257 46.1%
SIN......2-3 +223 40%
PHI.....1-2 +54 33.3%
IND.....2-0 +85 100%
AUS.....1-1 -90 50%
PAK......1-0 +44 100%
SAU......1-0 +148 100%

-2 10-letters words played in my games, both were unsuccessfully challenged- my AD-VANTAGED(32) against Ball and Sompong's P-ETIOLATED making GRaPIEST.
-Witnessed the very exciting game between Cheah and Nigel. Cheah started with 3 good bingos- CHAPMEN, HEADING and HINDERER but Nigel came back with 4 bingos and won 547-482 .
- I played 2 9-timers for 176 and 149, both against Thais. My 3 best games were against Thais, from which I harvested 715 points of spread.
-15 bingos to 9 on last day and still 2-5..what's going on here..For one Odette played 7 consecutive 40+ non-bingo plays( and 1 bingo) against me to my 3 bingos and won narrowly
-David's rise to the top and his winning streak was most unexpected.
-Gerry, Cheah and Nigel are the only players in the top 10 for both Penang and Bangkok

-Interestingly, there were more games with 0 or 2 blanks (19) than with 1. Normally one is expected to get 1 blank 50% of the time. I did however play 3 double-blank bingos


Ave score: 416.9-391
Total moves:352-347
Ave. moves per game: 13.03- 12.85
Ave. score per move: 31.96- 30.43

Tiles drawn: 51.2-49.8
Tiles played:50.8-46.6
Ave. score per tile: 8.21- 8.39

Bingos: 47-37 (1.74 - 1.37)


Record with 0 blanks: 1-8
Record with 1 blank:5-3
Record with 2 blanks: 8-2

S:45/ 108