Friday, June 02, 2006

Club result

3 good games:

W 538-358 vs Victor Bingos: OUTSIZE(99) PORTAGE(99) - LINGERS(87)

W 505-299 vs Han Ei ANIMiST(77) GELATOs(72) ZOOEA(51) EXUDE(42)...... -- DESCRY(50)

W 485-452 vs Cheah ANDESITE(68) FARINAS(76) OVERSHOT(84) OUTDRANK(80)... EPOPOEIA(66) CORNRENT(86)

In JG:

359-425 vs Yen Nee DARkNESS(79)---ENQUIRES (104)

W 564-338 vs Guan Hui CERATOID(72) CInEREA(72) TALLIER(81) KINO(51) JAZY(51) MEAN(44) -- SeALINE(67)

345-393 vs ZP


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