Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Leaving for bangkok

Which is worse- Ganesh or 20 Thais? I reckon they are equally bad.

After I depart, blog viewership will fall to non-existent levels, since most of them are also going BKK.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Back from Penang

And the 9 hour road trip each way....Was hanging around tenth to fifteenth but caught up on the last day to 8th with a 12-8 +546 record. Was not really expecting Tony and Ricky to underperform.

Day 1: 3-1 +60 , finished 10th
Day 2: 5-6 +76, 17th
Day 3: 4-1 +410, 8th overall

------------------STATS : --------------------------

W-L: 12-8
Ave. score: 436-408

Total moves:262-258
Ave. moves:13.1-12.9
Ave. score/move: 33.6 - 31.8
Ave. score/move for 1st 10 turns: 34.8 -33.1
Exchanges: 0-3

Bingos: 32-37. I won 4 games in which I had fewer bingos than my opponents.
double-blank bingos: 3-1

J: 13/20, My ave: 31.5, Theirs: 31.3
Q:10/20 , My ave: 31.9, Theirs: 32.7
X: 11/20 , My ave: 40.4, theirs: 28.7
Z: 9/20 , My ave: 40.2, Theirs: 55.1

S: 33/80 (41%)
Blanks: 22/40

Record with 0 blanks: 2-2
Record with 1 blank:8-2
Record with 2 blanks: 2-4 ( mostly 2 blank bingos with lousy tiles in between)

Ave. tiles drawn including unplayed: 50.2-49.8
Ave. tiles played: 49.1 - 47.9
Ave. score/tile (0.5 diff is significant): 8.88 pts - 8.52
Ave. tiles unplayed: 3.0

TWS covered: 48-44 ( 4.6 a game)
Highest non-bingo from me: FRON(TAG)ES (117)

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Another tiring session. Played several rounds of Pit, Take 6, China and El Grande, a 1995 territorial space control and card-bidding game set in Spain. Nobody had played it before so it got off quite slowly and eventually took 90 mins to complete. In the end it got quite interesting and I finished second in the group of 5.

Players plays a card from 1 to 13 to determine order of choosing special cards. Then they, in order, move caballeros from provinces to court to the board. Every 3 rounds scoring is done based on who controls the most of every region.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Possible upcoming stats

1. Tiles
2. Ave. tiles played/drawn
3.Ave. moves
4. Ave. move score, sorted by turn
5. Ave. tiles played
7.ave. bingos per move sorted by turn
8. TWS covered

Many of the stats are partially inspired by Phil Appleby, whose 1999 WSC stats went something like this:

Opponent W/L Score Mv Ave Tls Bon ? S J Q X Z ALI %

Suresh Chinnaiyah (Sri) W 493-413 11 44.8 48 2-3 0 2 1 1 0 1 33.3 80
Jeff Grant (NZ) W 554-318 12 46.2 59 5-1 2 3 0 1 1 0 67.8 90
Femi Awowade (Nig) L 325-533 12 27.1 46 2-3 0 2 0 0 0 0 21.7 65
Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (Th) W 500-324 13 38.5 55 3-1 2 3 0 0 1 0 71.0 60
Odette Rio (Phi) W 467-443 12 38.9 48 3-3 1 1 0 1 1 1 47.9 60
Ron Tiekert (USA) L 349-360 13 26.8 53 1-1 1 3 1 1 0 1 58.5 65
Naween Fernando (Sri) W 488-371 13 37.5 52 3-1 0 4 0 0 0 0 38.5 85
Adam Logan (Can) L 357-461 13 27.5 48 1-2 0 3 0 1 1 0 41.2 50

Maybe I should do something similar for Bangkok, but this information would look better in a table, which I have no idea of putting in.

ALI index: Total of power tile values x 100 / Number of tiles played
> The power tile values are: ?=10, S=5, X=4, Z=3, J=2, Q=1. The number of
tiles played includes any left on your rack at the end of the game, but not
tiles changed.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The numerous woes (and low payoffs) of tracking

Finally did some full tracking yesterday for 2 games. Now using a new version of scoresheet with many details and boxed letters for easy tracking. Beat ball 430-326 then 403-515 to cheah. In both cases tracking had little effect on the game.

Bingoed out against Ball so heck about his last rack. Against cheah I determined his last 6 tiles correctly, but he had 30+ scores in different parts of the board and there was nothing worth blocking.

Sadly, tracking is not useful for me because:

1. I keep a note of the power tiles that have or have not appeared easily. You don't need to track to know which line to block, intuition does it. Scanning the board is much faster than tracking.
2. Time consuming and distracting, reduced chance of opponent going overtime
3. In 40-50% of games, the score difference will be too large to make a difference.
4. Even if the difference is small, the game may still be unwinnable.
5. If opponent has an unplayable tile, I will usually know even without tracking. This has happened several times and I had time to milk.
6.It only matters when the scores are close, which is like every once every 8 to 10 games?
7. If opponent bingos out( in Ball's case). By then it's too late.

However tracking is also useful in the pre-endgame, when u have to assess the content of the bag and make certain decisions. But its greatest use is mainly in the last rack.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Not every day u can finish ahead of Fisher..

Monday, June 05, 2006

Void space

In the light that the previous post could help others in roto selection, it has been removed

Friday, June 02, 2006

Club result

3 good games:

W 538-358 vs Victor Bingos: OUTSIZE(99) PORTAGE(99) - LINGERS(87)

W 505-299 vs Han Ei ANIMiST(77) GELATOs(72) ZOOEA(51) EXUDE(42)...... -- DESCRY(50)

W 485-452 vs Cheah ANDESITE(68) FARINAS(76) OVERSHOT(84) OUTDRANK(80)... EPOPOEIA(66) CORNRENT(86)

In JG:

359-425 vs Yen Nee DARkNESS(79)---ENQUIRES (104)

W 564-338 vs Guan Hui CERATOID(72) CInEREA(72) TALLIER(81) KINO(51) JAZY(51) MEAN(44) -- SeALINE(67)

345-393 vs ZP

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sin' Open report (Day2)

Game 9 v Andy

Open with EVIL/QUE. Quackle does not recommend QI. Andy replies with DUMB/DEVIL(23). I have EEEOOQU but play QUEME(38). He replies with FUSTY(30), then challenges my DUMBO(21). Then XIS(21) and GNARR(10) from me, missing a bingo with 3Rs, followed by his XENIA(39) and HAZER(48). Trailing by 57 but later I get ANNEALER(68) and SeRGEANT/HAZERS(81) to bingo out to his BePITIES(84).

W 417-393

Game 10 vs Li Wei

Another unpelasant game. Open with HATH/OTV, and it starts going downhill from there. My only game without bingos. Next.

L 316-457

Game 11 vs Sanjoy

Upon reaching the table, he recognises me as the "best player never to have played in a WSC"..yeah, how amusing. I start with EIIORTY and change IOY , drawing EEO. He opens with KYNED(36) and I dump EE. He plays MIND(25), QUOD(14) to my TOG(13) and PRICK(26), then bingoes with RePOWER(76). Trailing by 103, I play PITTED (30), then after a few moves, trailing 121-227, I get HOSTAGE(81) and BIGENER(67) in succession. Now I'm leading. He plays ST(26), blocking my ZOEAS(90). He has the last blank but the board is well-sealed.

W 392-349

Game 12 vs Michael

Now 7-4 +104, and not the least bothered about meeting Michael, who rarely plays.

He phonies first move with PINKE*. Off it goes. I put down JIGOT/ED(42) in the same spot, he plays KEEPIN(G) (26). I return with STEWARDS(63). More vowel-deficient racks -BLLNORS (BELL, 19), NORRTTS (RUNT, 8). Meanwhile he gets UNSEX(40) and JAGUAR(26). Then I get LORTTSY(77) in the wrong place, missing BELLY where it would have scored 100. He gets FAME(32), ADZ(33) and COIF(27) while I dump AUDIO(8), MYTHI(32) etc Then he puts down PIEDFORTs(69) which I know but am inclined to challenge. Of course it's good. Have the odd ?BEEEQV as the final rack, but play LEVEE(27) and QATs(30) to win.

W 412-369

Game 13 vs Gan Cher Siong

Begin with KELT/LIE and give him the needed floater for ORNATE(L)Y (63). I play FLAME(48) but get hit with COMFY/ERF/MOM/NY(55). Boring plays the next few turns until I get ISATINE(71), ZOWIE(51) after his EXAlT(80). After bingoing I pick up DRGJQVS and have to change. Later get RESPONsA (85), challenged but still lose by 5. On hindsight might have won if I had blocked his outplay of TUNES/ST with GU (ABGGORU), but unlikely as he can still score and out next turn.

L 406-411

Game 14 vs Jin Chor

Start with ELOQWYY, just one away from YELLOWY. Open with YOW to which he replies with CANTIER(76), but I score well with JARL(22), QAID(34), ZEE(40) and FOOTS(50). He gets down LIsENTE(75). But later on I get VERONAlS(86) and AXES(37) in succession and win narrowly.

W 420-391

Game 15 vs Marlon

Another lousy game with Marlon. He opens with RETAX(40) and I have EEINOOU (or similar). play the obvious EUOI. He gets BUY(28), I play LOON/OLE atop. Later he gets a string of unreplied high-scorers - JUMPERs(56), ZONE(48), QuIPO(52), GOSH(46). I only have FERRIES(69)

L 317-446

Last game vs Dorai

With luck on my side, I slap down 3 naturals- TAILYES(81+5), ARSENAL(66) and SHIRTED(85). He gets ZOONS(68) and tries BRIGGIER(149) at the end. Fortunately it's phony.

W 510-377

Conclusion: Still managed the top 5 after some poor draws... Tony was lucky in the last game-4 easy bingos, but if Marlon had won that game against Gan he might have better chances of winning.

On further thought, I probably won't be doing these reports for bangkok (too much work), unless...