Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tourney update..

Going for both Penang and Bangkok.

Well, it's about time Ganesh was dethroned.

Still no Nigel in the player list, doubt he'll be going.


Henry Yeo said...

Go Hubert,

We are behind you all the way

alpha22 said...


Do a 500 average in PG. =)

Hubert wee said...

Thanks for the support, but I can't stop him by myself. .

Anonymous said...

Woah ... gd luck! U're gonna need it, not like u can win on skill alon

Henry Yeo said...

erm...the rest of us were just thinking of stepping back and watching the carnage from the sidelines

(hoping to sneak into top 10 :P)

Henry Yeo said...

Stats I want to see:

Longest Winning Streak (in a tournament)

Longest Winning Streak (across tournaments)

Longest Tournament Winning Streak

Hubert wee said...

U should know this stuff better.. though it is clear that ganesh won 8 straight tourneys from 2004

Why don't u get the answers and post them on your blog?

ballhawk said...

tsk complacent henry :P

yeah go hubert :P

You and cheah and the rest of the gms and alpha are our best bets!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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