Sunday, May 28, 2006

Singapore open report

Managed to put together a respectable performance this weekend despite drawing below average in several aspects. Wait till I draw better, suckers ! The tourney was nevertheless won by Tony who steadily ploughed through most of his games and beat Marlon in the final round.

Won: Tony, Cheah, Andy, Michael, Jin Chor, Sanjoy, Quek, Philip, Victor, Jessie, Dorai
Did not play: Jocelyn, Yen Nee, Suhaimi, Guo Cong, ZP


Ave. score: 411 -400
Ave. turns: 13.38 - 13.44
Score per turn: 30.7- 29.8
Bingos:28-21 (1.75-1.33)

J:9/16 (43.2% so far)
Q:6/16 (55.4%)
X:11/16 (51.4%)
Z:6/16 (41.9%)
S: 31/64 (44.6%)

Blanks: 11/32 (47.3%)

Record with 0 blanks: 4-2
record with 1 blank:6-3
record with 2 blanks: 0-1

In the end, it's not the blanks that count, but properly balanced tiles. My 2 highest scores were without a single blank.

Game 1 vs Quek- - -

I open with MINCE/LS , but Quek strikes with ANTLIAtE (74). Not a good start, but I quickly gain ground with plays like SALLIED(68), EXTERN(31), ZOBO(58). Meanwhile he plays GARROTED(70) and several 20 pt plays. Later I challenge of his QUOIRS* and play GOOFY(36) in the same spot. he later bingos sQUIRES(76) but he is too far behind and the game is over.

W 425-379

Game 2 vs Jin Chor

He opens with QUIM(30). I have AEEEORJ and have to dump AJEE, giving him FROG(45) I get down GIMLETS(68) and ZEE(67) but still lose to YEARNER(79).

More games later if there is any interest.


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