Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sin' Open report (Day2)

Game 9 v Andy

Open with EVIL/QUE. Quackle does not recommend QI. Andy replies with DUMB/DEVIL(23). I have EEEOOQU but play QUEME(38). He replies with FUSTY(30), then challenges my DUMBO(21). Then XIS(21) and GNARR(10) from me, missing a bingo with 3Rs, followed by his XENIA(39) and HAZER(48). Trailing by 57 but later I get ANNEALER(68) and SeRGEANT/HAZERS(81) to bingo out to his BePITIES(84).

W 417-393

Game 10 vs Li Wei

Another unpelasant game. Open with HATH/OTV, and it starts going downhill from there. My only game without bingos. Next.

L 316-457

Game 11 vs Sanjoy

Upon reaching the table, he recognises me as the "best player never to have played in a WSC"..yeah, how amusing. I start with EIIORTY and change IOY , drawing EEO. He opens with KYNED(36) and I dump EE. He plays MIND(25), QUOD(14) to my TOG(13) and PRICK(26), then bingoes with RePOWER(76). Trailing by 103, I play PITTED (30), then after a few moves, trailing 121-227, I get HOSTAGE(81) and BIGENER(67) in succession. Now I'm leading. He plays ST(26), blocking my ZOEAS(90). He has the last blank but the board is well-sealed.

W 392-349

Game 12 vs Michael

Now 7-4 +104, and not the least bothered about meeting Michael, who rarely plays.

He phonies first move with PINKE*. Off it goes. I put down JIGOT/ED(42) in the same spot, he plays KEEPIN(G) (26). I return with STEWARDS(63). More vowel-deficient racks -BLLNORS (BELL, 19), NORRTTS (RUNT, 8). Meanwhile he gets UNSEX(40) and JAGUAR(26). Then I get LORTTSY(77) in the wrong place, missing BELLY where it would have scored 100. He gets FAME(32), ADZ(33) and COIF(27) while I dump AUDIO(8), MYTHI(32) etc Then he puts down PIEDFORTs(69) which I know but am inclined to challenge. Of course it's good. Have the odd ?BEEEQV as the final rack, but play LEVEE(27) and QATs(30) to win.

W 412-369

Game 13 vs Gan Cher Siong

Begin with KELT/LIE and give him the needed floater for ORNATE(L)Y (63). I play FLAME(48) but get hit with COMFY/ERF/MOM/NY(55). Boring plays the next few turns until I get ISATINE(71), ZOWIE(51) after his EXAlT(80). After bingoing I pick up DRGJQVS and have to change. Later get RESPONsA (85), challenged but still lose by 5. On hindsight might have won if I had blocked his outplay of TUNES/ST with GU (ABGGORU), but unlikely as he can still score and out next turn.

L 406-411

Game 14 vs Jin Chor

Start with ELOQWYY, just one away from YELLOWY. Open with YOW to which he replies with CANTIER(76), but I score well with JARL(22), QAID(34), ZEE(40) and FOOTS(50). He gets down LIsENTE(75). But later on I get VERONAlS(86) and AXES(37) in succession and win narrowly.

W 420-391

Game 15 vs Marlon

Another lousy game with Marlon. He opens with RETAX(40) and I have EEINOOU (or similar). play the obvious EUOI. He gets BUY(28), I play LOON/OLE atop. Later he gets a string of unreplied high-scorers - JUMPERs(56), ZONE(48), QuIPO(52), GOSH(46). I only have FERRIES(69)

L 317-446

Last game vs Dorai

With luck on my side, I slap down 3 naturals- TAILYES(81+5), ARSENAL(66) and SHIRTED(85). He gets ZOONS(68) and tries BRIGGIER(149) at the end. Fortunately it's phony.

W 510-377

Conclusion: Still managed the top 5 after some poor draws... Tony was lucky in the last game-4 easy bingos, but if Marlon had won that game against Gan he might have better chances of winning.

On further thought, I probably won't be doing these reports for bangkok (too much work), unless...


Anonymous said...

unless... what? Unless a bazillion requests for reports come in?
Since your games are so entertaining i'm sure you will not have a problem with that. Just don't mention my phonies along the way ^_^

Anonymous said...

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