Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My game vs Tony

#player1 HubertWee
#player2 Tony Sim
>HubertWee: COLDINR 8D CORNI +20 20
>Quackle: 7E YAUP +24 24
>HubertWee: TRDLING G5 TRUNDLING +65 85
>Quackle: 5D ELATIOnS +78 102
>HubertWee: ABDEHNW 4A HWAN +32 117
>Quackle: A1 BOTH +27 129
>HubertWee: BEDONSE 3C DEBONES +83 200
>Quackle: H1 RYE +18 147
>HubertWee: HKNOST? B1 EX +40 240
>Quackle: ADEEIIN F2 MOLA +12 159
>HubertWee: EEEFITU H11 FEU +18 258
>Quackle: K3 QIS +12 171
>HubertWee:AEEIIGT L1 GEIT +29 287
>Quackle: 1L GAZE +42 213
>HubertWee: ADEIRUV11D AURIFIED +48 335
>Quackle: 10J WET +30 243
>HubertWee: TVJOKES 12A JOKE +50 385
>Quackle: RUPTIN? O1 ERUPTIoN +86 329
>HubertWee: THRINSV A12 JINS +33 418
>Quackle: N6 MOA +24 353
>HubertWee: ALHORTV 2N OR +26 444
>Quackle: C12 KOA +14 367
>HubertWee: AIHLRTV 12A JOKER +18 462
>Quackle: 1A BEG +6 373
>HubertWee: ACHILTV M7 CHIA +33 495
>Quackle: ADEEFSV N10 SAVED +32 405
>HubertWee: LTV 13M VET +12 507

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sin' Open report (continued)

So, this will be the last detailed report until Bangkok. Until then, keep your fingers crossed.

Do comment if you have read.

Game 3 vs Philip

Expecting a fairly easy game, but it is anything but. He starts with DUTY, Y on star. I have ACEEKXY and play CAKEY/ED/YU, missing an optimal play also using the same tiles. Thought of setting up KYU but probably won't work out as there are many As left. He returns with THE(27), blocking my nice -II bingo (which I won't say). Dump XI, he gets BLUIEsT(66). I play VOWEL(S) (22), not that I needed any. He plays GLEAM(24) and MIAOUED(22). I start picking a long string of vowels. With AEIILON, fish IO twice. Later he gets REQuITES(84). I am already trailing by 100+.. I later get down TZIGANES(107), shocking him but still lose.

L 371-417

Game 4 vs Victor

At 1-2. It's time to make a comeback. Open with the blockish CWM/AIRT. He returns with CUB(13). I get no blanks this game but have 3 naturals ARIETTE(72), ETALONS(72) and FORTIES(70). Lose a turn trying INHEDED* or might have reached 500. He is fortunate to get RESTING(90), AZO(34) and AQUAE(47) all at the end

W 461-412

Game 5 vs Jessie

Overdraw first move, but she fails to extract the blank from my rack. Too bad. Reply her GAILY(26) with YEASTING(67), the only bingo. I later get IMPRINT(76) JETON(36), APEX(42) and LUETICS(77). She has no reply. Have AEERNST at the end but nothing will fit.

W 461-311

Game 5 vs Tony.

Hands down, my best game of the tournament. I start with the lacklustre CDILNOR. Play CORNI (missing NORDIC/CODLIN). No matter. Tony plays YAUP(26) atop and I slap down TR(UN)DLING (65) in 5 seconds flat. Challenge..but it's good alright. My first 9-letter bingo with a 1 vowel rack. But he replies with ELATIOnS(78). I play HWAN(32), then BOTH(27) for him and DEBONES(83) for me. Having vowel drought, he plays RYE(18) and MOLA(12) next 2 turns. Later I get down AUR(IF)IED/V (48) and JOKE(50) to lead by 147. He attempts to set up a bingo later but to no avail.

W 512-428

Game 6 vs Marlon

Not a good game. Start with HQRRRXT and have to change keeping X. He starts with ENABLES(70). I reply with ENFIXI(N)G (71) which gets challenged, surprisingly. Next plays: me: WYE(32), OO(12), AMIDO(35), MILTZ(42), ZOEA(13), BOK(37). He later blocks my DRESSER/ZOEAE/DE with the sneaky UmANGITE.

L 355-474

Game 7 vs cheah

Start with 7 vowels, but play EAU/AVOW(13). Cheah was unable to score very well this game-166 pts in 7 moves, while i had JOY(31), ZONAE(48), INERTIAL(77). He had aSEPTICS(72) but I replied with DIORItE(70)

W 412-356

More games if there is further interest.

Monday, May 29, 2006

some stats

Ave. rating of top 10 in 2002 nats: 1808
Ave. rating of top 10 in 2003 nats: 1841.6 (3 above 1900)
Ave. rating of top 10 in 2004 nats :1843.3 (3)
Ave. rating of top 10 in 2005 nats : 1856.2 (1) , top 5: 1884.8

Ave. rating of top 10 NOW: 1857.0 (1), top 5:1891.8

Before 2002 the ratings were on a different level so it isn't an accurate comparison.

Top 5 in AUS:

1.Andrew Fisher (1935)
2.David Eldar (1829)
3. Naween (1828)
4. Edward (1826)
5. Julian McKail (1783)
20. Daniel (1651)
50.Angela (1535)

1. Ganesh (1954)
2.Nigel (1861)
3.Aaron (1765)
4. Suanne (1633)
5.Pui Cheng Wui (1619)

335 point gap between the top and 5th player in M'sia, compared to 152 pts in AUS and 90 pts in S'pore.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Singapore open report

Managed to put together a respectable performance this weekend despite drawing below average in several aspects. Wait till I draw better, suckers ! The tourney was nevertheless won by Tony who steadily ploughed through most of his games and beat Marlon in the final round.

Won: Tony, Cheah, Andy, Michael, Jin Chor, Sanjoy, Quek, Philip, Victor, Jessie, Dorai
Did not play: Jocelyn, Yen Nee, Suhaimi, Guo Cong, ZP


Ave. score: 411 -400
Ave. turns: 13.38 - 13.44
Score per turn: 30.7- 29.8
Bingos:28-21 (1.75-1.33)

J:9/16 (43.2% so far)
Q:6/16 (55.4%)
X:11/16 (51.4%)
Z:6/16 (41.9%)
S: 31/64 (44.6%)

Blanks: 11/32 (47.3%)

Record with 0 blanks: 4-2
record with 1 blank:6-3
record with 2 blanks: 0-1

In the end, it's not the blanks that count, but properly balanced tiles. My 2 highest scores were without a single blank.

Game 1 vs Quek- - -

I open with MINCE/LS , but Quek strikes with ANTLIAtE (74). Not a good start, but I quickly gain ground with plays like SALLIED(68), EXTERN(31), ZOBO(58). Meanwhile he plays GARROTED(70) and several 20 pt plays. Later I challenge of his QUOIRS* and play GOOFY(36) in the same spot. he later bingos sQUIRES(76) but he is too far behind and the game is over.

W 425-379

Game 2 vs Jin Chor

He opens with QUIM(30). I have AEEEORJ and have to dump AJEE, giving him FROG(45) I get down GIMLETS(68) and ZEE(67) but still lose to YEARNER(79).

More games later if there is any interest.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

World Cup fever

The 2006 World cup starts on June 9 till July 9 in Germany.

32 countries, 64 matches and just 1 winner.

The matches begin from 9pm to 3 am so I probably won't be bothering about most of them.

Also the Rd of 16 matches clash with the Penang tourney and quarter finals with Bangkok.

Some useful links:
  • Starhub schedule

  • Main World Cup page

  • Ch 5 world cup info

  • World Cup blog
  • Sunday, May 14, 2006

    Tourney update..

    Going for both Penang and Bangkok.

    Well, it's about time Ganesh was dethroned.

    Still no Nigel in the player list, doubt he'll be going.

    Monday, May 01, 2006

    Exhausting night

    Finally got back at 2.30 am after a whole night of boardgames and 1 game of scrabble, against Tony. Played SOC (which I won), Boomtown, T2R:europe, and Coloretto. First 2 games were the most satisfying, T2R was a long, boring drag with 5 players. Basically anything east of Germany is composed of short routes which take a long time to complete. Europe is a fair bit smaller than the continental US but has more cities and tickets leading to many congested games