Monday, March 20, 2006

LBH tourney report

Managed to finish fourth with a record of 10-6 +555 after some frustrating close losses. Couldn't do much while Nigel swept the tourney. This tourney vaulted me back to fourth place in the rankings.

Bingos: 34-29 (2.12 a game)
Ave. score: 432-397
Ave. moves for first 9 games:12.4
Ave. score per turn:36.0 pts


One word about the rating system: It is not accurate enough as it is modelled after the ELO system for chess, which does not have a luck factor. This has been discussed frequently on the American mailing list, the predicted win percentages of the system have not matched the real results in real life, eg. a difference in rating of 200 pts means an expectation of 76% but in real life the real percentage is somewhat lower. Some have actually toyed with the possibility of factoring spread into the rating system, like 1 or 2 pts/100 pts of spread to a cap of 5 pts which is not a bad idea.


jkqxz said...

How about the system used by ISC? Do you think it is more accurate than the one used in our local ratings?

Hubert wee said...

The main differences are that the ISC system rates every game and factors spread...but with the skewed tile distribution, I'm not so sure.