Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ranking: % of 500+ games

ranking of 500+ games in S'pore and Malaysia combined:

Nigel-167/570 (29.3%)
Ganesh-98/510 (19.21%)
Tony-164/1180 (13.9%)
Cheah- 139/1093 (12.71%)
Ricky-81/856 (9.46%)
Andy-80/963 (8.31%)
JP-51/673 (7.46%)
Michael-46/817 (5.63%)
Jin Chor-29/561 (5.17%)
Myself-21/431 (4.9%)
Henry-44/905 (4.86%)
Yen Nee-10/554 (1.8%)


sonic said...

hm interesting. Inferring from there and my stats in toucanet, I have 21/157 record of 500+ games in Malaysia, i.e. 13.38%

Does it mean I play better in Malaysia? Or simply means everybody plays better in Malaysia (i.e. field strength). Too lazy to work out others' stats.

Hubert wee said...

The field in malaysia is probably slightly weaker, plus the better prizes result in better scores