Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mini 'report'

Another one of those. Not enough good tiles at the beginning and when they finally came at the end it was too late. Some highlights:

Game 1 vs Li Wei: I open with KIEVE keeping MI only to see him slap down TRIAXIaL through the I, followed by ZANJA(62). However 2 turns later I get a natural 82-pointer which he challenges futilely. Late-game bingos of EGESTIOn(70) and INSHORE(85) help seal the game. His DOWAGER and other mediocre plays are not enough to escape a 100-point loss.

Game 3 vs Andy: 2 60-point bingos are enough to steal a low-scoring victory, 356-344.

Game 5 vs Dorai: Unfortunately he has 4 bingos to 0- OUTLINES, OTARIES, bRAINIER and TRUsTING, but consistent scoring- DEVOLVE(30), ZEL(67), CAECA(30), PEST(40), OHM(33) etc narrow it to a 428-487 loss.

Game 6 vs lkb: Mediocre game, chickened out of a simple 8-letter bingo but still won.

Game 7 vs Karthik: OURIEST, HELIMEN and SAVAGES by me, followed by AZON(41) and QAT(43) give me 516 pts and a comfortable win


Ave. no. of moves:12.6
Ave. score per move: 32.2

TWS covered:21-22 ( ave. 5.4 a game)


Anonymous said...

Why no stats / reports on your latest tournament?

Hubert wee said...

Too displeased with the result, wait till next tourney