Thursday, January 19, 2006

Summarized stats

stat summary: over the last 67 games, I played 123 bingos to 93, averaging 1.84 a game to my opponent's 1.39. At least 4-5 of them were double-blank bingos. Average score: around 420 pts-389 Record:41-26 (61.2%)


S:98/204 (48.0%)
J:20/51 (39.2%)
Q:24/51 (47.1%)
X:23/51 (45.1%)
Z:31/51 (60.7%)

Total:98/208 (47%)

I got less than half of almost every power tile except the Z , which partially made up for it. Overall my opponents' X probably had the greatest effect compared to the others.

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