Tuesday, January 17, 2006

After millenium cup

Which was mentally and phsyically exhausting-too many games at inconvenient hours etc . Finished 11-7 +576 which was mildly dissapointing, since winning the last game would have brought my rating above 1900. At least I had the high game in 2 SA tournaments running, the latest was 619 against Ricky with 4 bingos and excellent scoring to boot. Also managed to beat Cheah by bingoing out with eMEROID after he palyed ENDNOTE, emptying the bag and drawing EFNNOZ, after being behind the entire game.

Bingos:34-26 (1.88 a game)
S:33/72 (45.8%)
Average starting score for first 9 games: 39.7-31

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