Saturday, December 24, 2005

Short words anagram test

This is the last anagram test in a while.Time limit:15 mins. Check the answers with lexpert except for the last 3. Scoring: 1 pt for questions 1-10 and 2 pts for 11-18 Award 1 extra point if all anagrams are found. Maximum points:36

18 and below:Below average 19-22:average 23-26: Good 27-33: V. good 34+: Excellent

Bonus points (5): take the 1st letter of every even-numbered solution except no.18 to find a 8-letter anagram

1.AANN (4)
5.EORW (3)
7.AORV (2)
9.EERVY (2)
13.EHNSW (2)


alpha22 said...

2. guessed
3. don't know
4. guessed
5. don't know OWRE, guessed OWER
10. don't know it
12. missed [i know the -ic though]
13. don't know WHENS, guessed HEWNS instead, know SHEWN
14. don't know
16. don't know
17. don't know (+s is anagram 2!!)

Yeah. I'm surprised I answered 8/18 correctly, and guessed 3 more. TEST ME MORE SHORT WORDS. :D

Score: 8 + 6 = 14? I'm below average. yay. What's funny is that for a moment, I thought that the bonus was ACDEEHIN. What a coincidence.

Henry Yeo said...

26 correct

can't find the bingos because i made mistakes on some of the even number.

aaron chong said...

Got stuck at 10, 14, and 17 only. The last 8-letter word is ECHIDNAE.

Hubert wee said...

not ECHNIDAE, the first letters of the alternating ANSWERS.

alpha22 said...

Hahaha Hubert, everyone is getting the bonus wrong. Cunning little question that was. :/

sonic said...

heehee I got the bonus right. Serendipity, because I just read this today, what 6 days after posting? And yesterday I just posted in my blog something regarding the new word I just learnt in real life, and lo and behold it has to be the anagram you gave. hurhur luv them smectite clays.

27 thanks to the bonus points hurhur.

sonic said...

oh my misses: PILK*, WOER*, NODII*, REGOT*, COTMAN*, PURCEL*, costing 9 points. When in doubt, just try, that's how I maintain rep as phoneyer...