Saturday, December 31, 2005

Field strength of s'pore tourneys vs other countries

S'pore's top division does have the largest concentration of high-rated players (above 1800) anywhere. Unlike the UK or Australia, where the lower-ranked players greatly outnumber the higher ranked ones, s'pore's player demographics are exactly the opposite, at least in the top division. And because s'pore is rather small compared to other nations, all the same players flock to the same tourneys at the same time. Compare this to Australia, where the top 30 or so are quite well split between Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland etc. Even in the top divisons at weekend tournaments, there will likely be a few intermediate players. By the way, andrew fisher has a running record of 298-104, also averaging 442 pts/game to 374. Where in s'pore can you get such a record ?

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