Monday, December 19, 2005

CSC report and game notes

Again, this tournament was a bit of a roller-coaster ride starting from game 8, when I, after starting 4-0 +462, lost 3 in a row, won 2, lost 3, then won 5 in games 16 to 20. I finished 13-11 +431, just out of the list of prizes thanks to a series of frustrating close losses. The S'pore team emerged as the winning team eventually, which wasn't surprising anyway, as was stated before. However I did manage to get down some nice bingos -AFOORSTZ to the O, AEFILONT and several more.


Average scores:423.1-405.1
Bingos:44 to 34
Double-blank bingos: 3-2

Blanks in 1st half:13
Blanks in 2nd half:11 (24/48)
Ss in 1st half:21/48
Ss in 2nd half:25/48 (48%)

Total:40/96 (41.7%- not good)

Also, unfortunately, I was hit by the X for 50+ points by 3 Thais on the second day and then REDOX for 88 by John Lam. I lost 3 of those games, the 1st 3 quite narrowly

Record against Phillipines team: 5-3+234
Record against M'sia team:5-3 +227
Record against Thailand team:3-5 -30

Record with both blanks:3-4
Record with 1 blank:6-4
Record with no blanks:4-3

Seems weird that I actually did better with no blanks then withboth, but there were other factors coming into play. While I was getting down low-scoring blank-bingos, my opponents were still going strong with the X and other bingos.

Over the past 49 games, I had 10 1-bingo games (20%), 28 2-bingo games (57%) and 8 3-bingo games (16%).

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